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The Art of Great Brochure Design

A great brochure can sell your company, services, or products to potential customers months after you give it to them. These colourful, informative pieces explain your products or services and what they can do for your customers. Poorly designed brochures, on the other hand, can turn away customers before you even meet them. Getting your design right is key to effective brochure marketing.



The art of great brochure design
The art of great brochure design


Less than booklets but more than business cards, brochures deliver a broad overview of your company. They answer many of your potential customers’ questions, and offer information on how they can contact you for more details. Hit the right tone with these tips and your brochure can pay for itself many times over.


Know Your Customer

Who is your ideal customer? If you know whom you’re marketing to, you’ll have a better idea of the style your brochure should take. Parents and family groups, for example, will usually respond to much different styles than wealthy singles will.

What is Your Goal?

One small brochure can’t be all things to all people. Choose one aspect of your business that you want to promote, and concentrate on that viewpoint instead of trying to fit everything about your business into one small advertising piece.

Be Restrained With Fonts

Fancy fonts might make your brochure look distinctive, but they can turn people off by not looking professional. Choose one distinctive font for titles and one basic font for the copy. Add your company logo and you have all the style you need.

Use Great Paper Stock

Thin paper stock makes your company look unprofessional and cheap. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, our printing in Melbourne’s CBD always comes on the highest quality paper stock to give your brochures a rich, high-end look. You’ll have a variety of stocks and sizes to choose from and a design team to help you bring the project together.

Add a Call to Action

You can give your customers all the information in the world, but if you don’t ask them to contact you, you’ll reduce the number of people who call back. People respond to direct requests. Put a simple request near the end of the brochure, asking for feedback, a phone call, or a visit to your website.

Contact Information

Even the most motivated potential customer can get discouraged if you’re hard to find. Make it easy on them by giving them multiple ways to contact your company. Include a phone number, a website address, and even a QR code if you have that ability.

Brochures are just one of many types of effective product the Minuteman Press Spencer Street team can offer for your business. Whether you’re looking for compliments cards or custom notepads, our professional design team are ready to help. Start by seeing our large selection of business cards in Melbourne by stopping by today.

Deliver a Great First Impression with Professional Presentation Folders

When marketing to a new client or building up the business with an established one, you want to give the impression of being organised and efficient. One of the best ways to do this is to include all your client materials in a professional presentation folder. These slick custom pieces can be designed with one client in mind, or you can create a standard folder to give all new clients in your introductory meetings.

Deliver a Great First Impression with Professional Presentation Folders

Where to Use Presentation Folders

Presentation folders aren’t just large promotional pieces; they’re useful tools for creating an entire marketing package. If you’re giving your new clients more than one or two items, a presentation folder tells them you’re thinking of their convenience. Put together a package with compliments cards, brochures and custom notepads and your clients will appreciate the convenience of having everything in one convenient cover. Presentation folders can also elevate your ideas to the next level amongst co-workers. A slick presentation backed by a professionally packaged presentation folder with additional information and take-aways will make a lasting impression with those you’re pitching to.

Presentation folders aren’t just for meetings with new clients or co-workers in your office. Depending on your business, you can use them as promotional materials in a wide variety of venues, such as:

  • Trade shows, where looking more impressive than your competition is crucial
  • News events, where journalists will appreciate having your information in one easy package
  • After the sale, with booklets, business cards and discount cards to entice them to come back

Stock Your Folder Right

A presentation folder can be a sales tool, a thank you gift, or an information packet, depending on what you include in it. Every folder should contain one or two business cards to allow clients to contact you for further business or information. Custom note pads are a great touch, along with personalised pens, to give them a convenient way to take notes during meetings and trade shows. Determine the needs for your professional presentation folder, and then choose the items to stock it with.

A Professional Team for Your Printing Needs

At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we’ll work with you to design and print your presentation folders, along with all the materials you need to stock it. If you need business cards in Melbourne or any other type of fast printing in Melbourne’s CBD, our design team is ready to help you create your perfect products. Our goal is to create the perfect promotional materials for your business, for a reasonable price you can’t find elsewhere. Contact our professional team today to discuss your presentation folder requirements.

How To Design a Great Training Manual

The cornerstone of any good employee training program is a comprehensive training manual. The quality of your training managers may vary, depending on their time and motivation, but good training manuals can give employees all the education they need. When it’s crucial for all your employees to know the rules and procedures in your workplace, a written manual they can keep can be your most important safety tool. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we work with business owners to create great training manuals, from the beginning design to the finished printed product. You’ll save time and money if you have the basics created before coming to us. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

How To Design a Great Training Manual

Gather Your Information

Never write a training manual from memory. Steps that seem easy and logical in your mind can seem confusing to someone who has no experience in your industry. Make lists of all topics that need to be covered, and find relevant resources to back up any details you’ll be including.


Training manuals need to have a logical flow to the writing. One topic should move naturally into the next. While some sections will be very separate, others will build on information found in earlier chapters. A detailed outline will help you discover any flaws in the flow before you write the entire first draft. Create the complete outline, from start to finish, before writing any instructions.

Table of Contents

Always include a table of contents. Training manuals are meant to be used like textbooks: read from start to finish. Your readers will appreciate a table of contents, though, for those times when they want to refer back to certain points in their training.

Chapter Writing

Begin each chapter with an informative overview. Let the trainees know what the upcoming chapter is about. After that, put all the relevant information in, and finish the chapter with a summary overview. Highlight the most important two or three details from the chapter.

Writing a training manual can be a job for a committee or one dedicated employee or manager. Consider all your options, and don’t hesitate to use someone else to write a chapter if they have more knowledge on the topic than you do.

Printing Your Training Manual

Once you have the contents edited and polished, our in-house designers will work with you to create an attractive book with your business in mind. Our team at Minuteman Press Spencer Street are business specialists, helping a wide variety of local businesses with their printing needs. Some of the products we create are:

  • Compliments cards
  • Custom notepads
  • Brochures
  • Booklets

Whether you’re looking for express business cards or training manual printing in Melbourne and the CBD, the professionals at Spencer Street Printing are the ones to see for quality work at a great price.

Getting Your Canva Design Print Ready

If you’ve never designed your own promotional art, it can be a daunting task. Some people use Canva to create and finalise their art before having it expertly printed. Canva is a simple-to-use, free graphic design software that will turn out professional quality work even for beginners. You can use Canva to design brochures, booklets, posters, custom notepads and an entire range of other personalised products for your company. For all your professional printing in Melbourne, Minuteman Press Spencer Street will work with you to create the exact promotional pieces you need for your business. Here are some helpful tips for making sure your work created with Canva is print ready before sending it to us at Minuteman Press Spencer Street.

Getting Your Canva Design Print Ready

Getting the Right Print Quality

Once you’ve created the design you like, it pays to take the extra time to ensure you’ll have the highest quality results. Getting professional quality print materials all depends on having the right file format. Select the PDF-Print file format to download your file at 300 Dots per Inch, or DPI. JPG and PNG file formats are fine if you’re using strictly web design, but for printing you’ll want a higher quality format.

Canva downloads design using the common RGB colour profile. It’s one of the most common one used by digital printers, and will give your work the pop of colour it deserves.

Downloading and Printing Your Design

Whether you’re planning to send a digital copy to Minuteman Press Spencer Street, or you want to hand deliver a USB example of the work, you’ll begin by downloading your design. Once the design is ready for production, click on Download, select PDF Print, and then click on the green Download button. The design will automatically download onto your computer.

To print out a paper copy of your design, open the PDF document and click on the little printer icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose your printer type, adjust the printer settings to 100%, and then click print.

Troubleshooting Your Design

If you’re not happy with the final product, or you’re having problems getting a copy printed, try these steps:

  • Make sure you’re downloading the PDF: for print file type
  • Look to see that the file name doesn’t have any full stops or special characters in it
  • Try doubling the dimensions of your design to make it bigger and clearer
  • If you’re still unhappy with your example, contact our professional design staff for advice in getting the look you need

Whether you’re looking for training manuals, compliments cards, poster printing or express business cards in Melbourne, you’ll always get a great result with Spencer Street Printing. By combining Spencer’s quick and professional printing job with the power of Canva for independent artistry, you’ll get all the marketing products you need to help your business go further. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers top quality printing with fast turnaround at the best prices in Melbourne’s CBD. Our knowledgeable printers and graphic design experts can personalise any job and are happy to offer advice for those that require it. Contact Minuteman Press Spencer Street today for your next print job.

It’s Not Too Late To Print Your Christmas Stationary

The holidays are fast approaching, but it’s not too late to order custom holiday brochures, booklets, or stationary, either for your office or for personal use. Minuteman Press Spencer Street specialises in urgent printing for the holidays, making you look like a hero when you come through with specialty printing at the last minute. With our wide array of products, you’ll find a long list of personalised holiday items for personal use or for giveaways.

It's Not Too Late To Print Your Christmas Stationary

Holiday Printing Options

There’s no better way to thank your customers than by giving them a personalised gift over the holidays. With our wide range of products, you can come up with a creative variety of customer gifts to give them a gentle reminder throughout the coming year. Some of the most popular business gifts are:

  • Custom notepads in holiday designs with company logo and phone numbers at the top
  • Booklets with holiday stories to hand out to clients’ children
  • Compliments cards with discounts of free offers to get new customers in the door
  • Poster printing to advertise holiday specials in your business
  • Christmas cards, both for your company and your personal use
  • Flyers advertising holiday sales, or for employee information on holiday events

The Perfect Holiday Poster

One of the most popular items Minuteman Press Spencer Street creates each year is personalised holiday posters, perfect for workplace Christmas lunches. If you’re considering making one this year, you can consult with our design team or create the design yourself. Either way, the most successful holiday posters all have some of the same things in common.

  • They have typography, or fonts, that fit in with the mood of the occasion. Try festive holiday fonts or something dramatic for a New Year’s celebration.
  • They have the date, time and address of the occasion featured prominently. No one wants to have to search for that information.
  • They use seasonal colours, but not necessarily just red and green. Silver, gold and even ice blue can be effective holiday colours.
  • They cater to the audience they’re aiming toward. A poster for a children’s party will look different from that for a sophisticated holiday dinner.

Minuteman Press Spencer Street specialises in printing in Melbourne CBD, and even offers free delivery if your home or business is there. We’ll be here for you during the busy holidays and for the rest of the year as well. If you’re looking for express business cards, flyers, notepads, brochures, or any other types of professional printing in Melbourne, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is the answer to all your printing problems.

Custom Notepads Are The Ideal Business Opening Gift

Grand opening celebrations are a great way for businesses to entice neighbourhood customers to come into their shops. However, once they see what you have to offer, how do you make sure they’ll come back? You could print an eye-catching brochure or add discount compliments cards with every order you package, but there’s a better way, a way to keep your name visible every single day. Create a set of custom notepads with Spencer Minuteman Print and give one to everyone who visits your opening celebration. They’ll keep these handy items, using them repeatedly, and imprinting your business name in their minds in a very subtle way. Meet Jan, who knows how effective this can be.

Custom Notepads

Custom Notepads


New Pet Grooming Shop Opens with Big Results

Hello, I’m Jan. I opened my pet grooming shop six months ago. I’ve been very successful, and I owe a good deal of my early success to the giveaways I had during my grand opening weekend. I wanted to make a big splash during my opening days so the neighbourhood pet owners would remember me. I gave many free pet baths that weekend, but I think the most important thing I did was to hand out custom notepads made at Spencer Minuteman Press. Each sheet featured my shop logo, address, and phone number. I can’t count how many customers have called me and remarked about the notepads. They’ve found them to be a handy tool for their desks, and the contact information makes sure they call me when their pets have grooming needs.

Ordering my custom notepads couldn’t have been easier. I went to Spencer Minuteman Press’ printing office in Melbourne, and their design team couldn’t have been more helpful. I had an idea about what I wanted, but design skills aren’t my strength. The designer and I worked together and in a short time, I had exactly the design I wanted. They didn’t push me into a generic and boring template; I got individualised design service to create the notepad design I wanted.

Your Printing Needs

Whether you’re looking for express business cards, brochures, flyers, document printing or wedding invitations in Melbourne or other printing needs in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the place to go. Our in-house design team is first rate and can assist in logo creation and document layouts as well as helping you select the best quality printing materials. You’ll get a custom product in a short amount of time, for much less money than you’d pay at most other places. We offer fast, same day turnaround on selected products and free shipping in Melbourne’s CBD. Contact us today to discuss all your printing requirements.

Does My Online Business Need Business Cards?

You’re probably marketing your online business using some combination of social media and email marketing. Your promotions land right where people see them every single day. So why would you need to have actual business cards if your business is completely online? The owners of newer startups may view business cards as an old-fashioned marketing tool, but they’re more useful than you think. Unlike online ads and emails, business cards are permanent, tangible objects potential clients can hold and save. Cards mean different things to different people, but they can hit a variety of emotional responses that social media can’t touch. Having a supply of express business cards on hand can be a Godsend when meeting potential new clients or customers.

Business Cards

Business Cards


That Professional Look

Having a solid piece to hand out to potential customers simply makes your business look more professional. If you’ve spent the time and money to make custom cards, people will view you as taking your business more seriously. Your competition may spend 12 hours a day marketing online, but to a larger percentage of the public, you’ll look more stable by having a well-designed business card.


The best customer for you to get is one who returns over and over again. One way to get customers to come back is to offer them something special. Turn business cards into compliments cards by adding an offer to the back of your cards. When you order your business cards in Melbourne, include a discount for future orders or a special free item to all returning customers. Add one of these compliments cards to each order you ship, or hand them to every client you service.

You’ll Stand Out

A business card says so much more about your business than your name and contact information. Depending on the card you design, it will tell recipients about your company culture or attitude, your brand personality, and your willingness to work just a little bit more to get the job done. Imagine a stark card with sharp geometric lines, and picture it next to one with a soft overlay of a lovely flower bouquet. Two different feelings for the businesses, right? Make your card speak about your business the same way.

It’s Memorable

Business cards are relatively scarce these days. Twenty years ago you might gather a stack of them within a week but, unless you go to a business convention or other gathering, you’ll be lucky to get one card each month. You remember the ones you do get, especially if they have a great design. Great cards help to stick your business into potential customers’ minds.

If you’re looking for business cards, brochures, flyers or any other printing in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the premier printer for all your business needs. Our in-house design staff can help you design the perfect business cards, on time and budget. If you need express business cards, we offer an express same day turnaround and free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD. Eco friendly stock is available and every job carries our print perfect guarantee. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

How To Choose The Best Printing Service

Virtually every business needs printing services eventually, but how do you choose the best printing service for your company? Cost is a factor, of course, but it’s probably the least important thing you should consider when trying to decide on a printer for your business. What good are cheap goods if they turn customers away? When deciding on the right printer for you, there are five other criteria that you should consider more important than cost. Choose the right company after using this list and you’ll have a resource for marketing supplies that will add a professional shine to all of your printed materials.


Choose The Best Printing Service

Choose The Best Printing Service



Does the prospective printing company have their own design team, or are you expected to produce a camera-ready design the minute you walk in in the door? At Spencer Minuteman Press our professional design team can take your ideas and concepts and turn them into reality, a finished design with flavour and flair that fits your business model perfectly. We can also design your dream company logo, working with you until you are completely satisfied.

Product Selection

Any printing company will do business cards, but it’s the company with the large and varied selection of product options that offer you the most value for your marketing money. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street we offer express business cards and letterheads, as well as specialty items such as compliments cards, high end documents, brochure selections, and even posters and flyers.


How difficult is it to have your products delivered? Will you have to return to pick them up later? If you need printing in the Melbourne CBD, Minuteman Press Spencer Street will deliver your express business cards or other printed materials right to your door for free within the CBD, often within just a few days of ordering. If you need quick business cards in Melbourne we also offer same day printing, meaning there’s no better option for your printing needs.

Printing Materials

Are the printing company’s products on one sort of average stock paper, or do they offer a large variety of options. The weight of the paper or card stock, the finish (whether matte or gloss), the size options and the shape all make up a catalogue of printing possibilities to fit your entire marketing plan.

Ease of Use

How easy is it to order your printed needs? Do you need to format your design, create it ahead of time, use clumsy websites to size and crop your ideas? At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, our goal is to make printing as simple as possible. You have better things to do with your time than to design printed products. We’re here to do that work for you, from the initial design ideas to creating custom marketing packages.

For all your printing needs, from express business cards, brochures, document or envelope printing in the Melbourne CBD, your best choice is Spencer Minuteman Press. We offer same day turnaround, in-house design and a perfect print guarantee, making us your first and last step in printing.

Add a With Compliments Card to Your Gift Bags

When is a business card not just a business card? When it gives potential customers a great reason to visit or return to your business. We are big on creative design at Spencer Minuteman Press, and one of the most interesting uses we’ve seen for business cards is when they’re turned into With Compliments cards. Not just a normal business card, these pieces include an offer of a free product or service, a future discount, or an invitation to join a mailing list or to answer a survey.  Adding this little surprise extra to your customer’s package can help to increase your bottom line by a surprising amount. We asked one of our recent clients to share their success story:


With Compliments Slip

With Compliments Slip


Growing a Business, One Jar at a Time

Hello, my name is Dora, and I’ve been making and selling artisan jam at fairs and other local events for five years. I was trying to add internet sales to my business to keep income coming in during the winter months, but it’s hard to grow a business online. I came up with the idea of printing out With Compliments cards that offered 50 percent off on a first online order. I gave them out to customers who bought my jam in person, because I knew they all liked my products already. When they found out they could get their favourite jams throughout the year, and at a discount, some of them were happy enough to hug me!

My success is mainly due to the design team and quick service at Spencer Minuteman Press. Their professional designer sat down with me and helped me to create a card that looked professional, yet still fit in with my product’s attitude. We finished the design in one day and the resulting cards were printed and packaged by the end of the week. Because I needed my With Compliments business cards in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer was even willing to deliver my cards right to my location and for free! They’ve paid for themselves many times over with the increase in business they’ve given me, and have added more to my bottom line than I’d ever imagined.

If you’re looking for With Compliments cards, express business cards, a brochure set, or document or envelope printing in the Melbourne CBD, your best choice is Spencer Minuteman Press. Our design team is first-rate, the production is amazingly fast, and our products are high quality while being very affordable. The team here at Spencer Street Printing prides itself on affordable, high quality printing. With in-house graphic designers, fast turnaround and a perfect print guarantee, we are your first and last step in printing.

Are you adding With Compliments cards to your product packaging? Learn how to increase business with this one simple marketing tool from Minuteman Press Spencer Street. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

Increase Your Marketing Reach With Postcards

Savvy business owners know that the best marketing is diverse, hitting multiple media to blanket potential customers. Any way you can get your brand out into the public can work, but some are more cost-effective than others are. What’s old is new again, and postcards are making great gains as advertising pieces as business owners discover the great return on investment they can produce. When considering business printing in Melbourne CBD, here’s why postcards should be at the top of your marketing list.


Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing


Cost Effectiveness

Compared to advertising pieces or other methods of promotions, postcards can be printed and mailed very inexpensively. For a small business with an even smaller advertising budget, having affordable postcards printed and mailed out can be the best investment they can make. If you use a company like Spencer Minuteman Press to do your printing, you’ll not only have an efficient advertising tool, you’ll have it in record time.

Time Savings

With Spencer’s in-house design team, you can design your postcard set and have it printed in just a few days. Compared to waiting for print ads or other forms of marketing, your postcard promotion can be up and ready in less than a week.

Compact Size

Flyers and information sheets are too large to carry around, so they’re usually left on desks or in recycling bins, if the recipient even opens the envelope. Postcards, on the other hand, are the perfect size for slipping into a purse or pocket and posting on bulletin boards and refrigerator doors. Postcards are much larger than business cards, so you can give out much more information, plus their two-sided nature allows you to create a dual design; one side for an offer with your business information on the other. There’s plenty of room for a detailed offer, all in a convenient size.

It’s All in the Looks

Envelopes are plain looking, even if you use coloured stock. Postcards, on the other hand, can employ an astonishing rainbow of colour to catch the attention. Use the right combination of colour and design and your postcard will be an advertising piece that people want to keep around. Good design will catch the eye in other ways, too. Whether it’s laying on a desk or being displayed on a board, other people passing by can be intrigued by a good-looking postcard, making your promotional budget stretch even further.

Pinpoint Marketing

Unlike billboards and newspaper ads, postcards can be mailed to only the most likely potential customers in an area. Create mailing lists of people like your current customers and target them with your postcard campaign.

If you’re looking for express business cards, high quality brochure design, document printing, or posters in Melbourne’s CBD, Spencer Press will deliver consistent results in an affordable package. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers fast turnaround, in-house graphic designers to assist in logo creation and layout, plus free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD. Contact them today to arrange your next printing quote.