About Us

Working with us means trusting us with your project, your time, and your reputation. It’s important to know someone before you take that leap, so we want to tell you a little bit about us, our work environment, and why you should choose us as your Melbourne printers. Once you see what drives us, we feel confident that you’ll trust us with all of your printing projects.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide every one of our customers with high quality service and products delivered on time and at a competitive price.
Our promise is to listen to every customer and present the best way to possible to complete their project and reach their goals. We will be honest in each project evaluation and provide you with our expert opinion, friendly customer service, and a quick response to every question
We strive to always meet or exceed all of your expectations.

Our Staff of Printing Experts

No matter how advanced technology becomes, it will never be a substitute or replacement for a human. To that end, we hire only the most qualified individuals to handle all aspects of our business. Our staff shares our philosophy of providing the highest quality service possible.
To that end, we have created a team consisting of some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. Our diverse team is constantly working to evolve and keep up with the newest techniques so that no project is impossible. Every challenge helps us grow and learn. Everyone on our staff is committed to providing exceptional service and producing the best printing outcomes in Melbourne, and that commitment is reflected in everything we do.

Our Philosophy

In today’s interconnected world, success can’t be achieved alone. We operate on the idea that when you succeed, we succeed as well. This is our driving philosophy and the reason why we strive to make everything we have on offer, from business card printing to our brochures and booklets, the best it can be. Success isn’t just measured on quality but also on delivery time and whether or not it fits your budget, and we take that into account with every one of our clients. We work to give every customer the first-class treatment every day.
We love our work, and that love shows in every project we complete. We want you to succeed in your business goals, and we want our completed goods to help you in that endeavor. We find fulfillment in taking a project from conception to completion.

Our Departments

Professional printing in today’s age is fairly involved and requires multiple departments working together to create a flawless result. Each step in this process is important and must be done to the most exacting standards to produce a high quality finished outcome. Each department is dedicated to being second to none in Melbourne. The focal point of our company is our customer service department, which is dedicated to providing you with only the finest service and support.

Our Sales Group

Our sales force makes understanding your needs its number one priority. They will spend time listening to what you need, offer their expert advice and opinions, and work with you to create the perfect outcome.

Our Customer Service Team

The center of our company, our customer service consists of highly trained professionals who will make every experience you have with us as smooth and easy as possible. They are more than just representatives — each team-member is knowledgeable about the entire printing process and can answer any questions you have.


The prepress team is where your goods make the leap from the digital world to the physical world. They’re the ones tasked with taking your creation and making certain it will print perfectly. They use the latest technology and fine-tuned controls to make certain that what you see on the screen is what you get on paper.

Our Melbourne Printers

The printing team makes the magic happen. These craftsmen, some of the best printers in Melbourne, are the ones who oversee the complex machines that actually print your projects. They take the finished digital product from the prepress team and make it a reality.

The Finished Print

Finally, the finishing team puts those final touches on your product. They take the printed materials from the printers and cut, fold, or bind them as necessary. These experienced professionals ensure that your final products look incredible.

Technology and Equipment

Technology is always changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the newest products. We believe that to do the best job, we need the best equipment, so we’re always looking at new advances and upgrading our technology so we can offer the most cutting-edge services and products in Melbourne.
Of course, to our customers, what’s important is the finished product, not what make or model of machine it was created on. Just know that our state-of-the-art equipment has been carefully selected by our professional printers to give you the best product possible.

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