Refund Policy

Refunds, Replacements, and Defects Liability Period:

When picking up or accepting delivery of a product (or within seven (7) days of being notified that the product is ready to be picked up), the customer must inspect the product for quality.

If you find a defect in our work, Minuteman Press Spencer must be notified at the time of delivery or collection. If you could not reasonably discover the defect at the time of delivery or collection, you must notify Minuteman Press Spencer in writing within seven (7) days.

If Minuteman Press Spencer agrees that a defect was present in the work, Minuteman Press will provide a replacement or repair of the defective product when such a replacement/repair is reasonable. This replacement will be provided within a reasonable timeframe.

Minuteman Press may provide, at their discretion, a replacement or refund for a customer’s change of mind. A customer may instead opt for an exchange or refund if there is a major problem with the order. These problems include the following:

  • Unsafe products.
  • Products that significantly differ from the agreed-upon description or sample.
  • Products that do not perform as promised, are not what was asked for, or cannot easily be repaired.

The customer may decide to keep the defective goods in exchange for a compensation from Minuteman Press to account for the reduction in product value. If the problem is minor, Minuteman Press will replace the order or repair the damaged products in a reasonable time.

The customer agrees to pay any invoice issued by Minuteman Press Spencer minus any claim for defects unless a refund is issued according to the terms outlined above.