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How To Choose The Best Printing Service

Virtually every business needs printing services eventually, but how do you choose the best printing service for your company? Cost is a factor, of course, but it’s probably the least important thing you should consider when trying to decide on a printer for your business. What good are cheap goods if they turn customers away? When deciding on the right printer for you, there are five other criteria that you should consider more important than cost. Choose the right company after using this list and you’ll have a resource for marketing supplies that will add a professional shine to all of your printed materials.


Choose The Best Printing Service

Choose The Best Printing Service



Does the prospective printing company have their own design team, or are you expected to produce a camera-ready design the minute you walk in in the door? At Spencer Minuteman Press our professional design team can take your ideas and concepts and turn them into reality, a finished design with flavour and flair that fits your business model perfectly. We can also design your dream company logo, working with you until you are completely satisfied.

Product Selection

Any printing company will do business cards, but it’s the company with the large and varied selection of product options that offer you the most value for your marketing money. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street we offer express business cards and letterheads, as well as specialty items such as compliments cards, high end documents, brochure selections, and even posters and flyers.


How difficult is it to have your products delivered? Will you have to return to pick them up later? If you need printing in the Melbourne CBD, Minuteman Press Spencer Street will deliver your express business cards or other printed materials right to your door for free within the CBD, often within just a few days of ordering. If you need quick business cards in Melbourne we also offer same day printing, meaning there’s no better option for your printing needs.

Printing Materials

Are the printing company’s products on one sort of average stock paper, or do they offer a large variety of options. The weight of the paper or card stock, the finish (whether matte or gloss), the size options and the shape all make up a catalogue of printing possibilities to fit your entire marketing plan.

Ease of Use

How easy is it to order your printed needs? Do you need to format your design, create it ahead of time, use clumsy websites to size and crop your ideas? At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, our goal is to make printing as simple as possible. You have better things to do with your time than to design printed products. We’re here to do that work for you, from the initial design ideas to creating custom marketing packages.

For all your printing needs, from express business cards, brochures, document or envelope printing in the Melbourne CBD, your best choice is Spencer Minuteman Press. We offer same day turnaround, in-house design and a perfect print guarantee, making us your first and last step in printing.

Add a With Compliments Card to Your Gift Bags

When is a business card not just a business card? When it gives potential customers a great reason to visit or return to your business. We are big on creative design at Spencer Minuteman Press, and one of the most interesting uses we’ve seen for business cards is when they’re turned into With Compliments cards. Not just a normal business card, these pieces include an offer of a free product or service, a future discount, or an invitation to join a mailing list or to answer a survey.  Adding this little surprise extra to your customer’s package can help to increase your bottom line by a surprising amount. We asked one of our recent clients to share their success story:


With Compliments Slip

With Compliments Slip


Growing a Business, One Jar at a Time

Hello, my name is Dora, and I’ve been making and selling artisan jam at fairs and other local events for five years. I was trying to add internet sales to my business to keep income coming in during the winter months, but it’s hard to grow a business online. I came up with the idea of printing out With Compliments cards that offered 50 percent off on a first online order. I gave them out to customers who bought my jam in person, because I knew they all liked my products already. When they found out they could get their favourite jams throughout the year, and at a discount, some of them were happy enough to hug me!

My success is mainly due to the design team and quick service at Spencer Minuteman Press. Their professional designer sat down with me and helped me to create a card that looked professional, yet still fit in with my product’s attitude. We finished the design in one day and the resulting cards were printed and packaged by the end of the week. Because I needed my With Compliments business cards in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer was even willing to deliver my cards right to my location and for free! They’ve paid for themselves many times over with the increase in business they’ve given me, and have added more to my bottom line than I’d ever imagined.

If you’re looking for With Compliments cards, express business cards, a brochure set, or document or envelope printing in the Melbourne CBD, your best choice is Spencer Minuteman Press. Our design team is first-rate, the production is amazingly fast, and our products are high quality while being very affordable. The team here at Spencer Street Printing prides itself on affordable, high quality printing. With in-house graphic designers, fast turnaround and a perfect print guarantee, we are your first and last step in printing.

Are you adding With Compliments cards to your product packaging? Learn how to increase business with this one simple marketing tool from Minuteman Press Spencer Street. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

Increase Your Marketing Reach With Postcards

Savvy business owners know that the best marketing is diverse, hitting multiple media to blanket potential customers. Any way you can get your brand out into the public can work, but some are more cost-effective than others are. What’s old is new again, and postcards are making great gains as advertising pieces as business owners discover the great return on investment they can produce. When considering business printing in Melbourne CBD, here’s why postcards should be at the top of your marketing list.


Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing


Cost Effectiveness

Compared to advertising pieces or other methods of promotions, postcards can be printed and mailed very inexpensively. For a small business with an even smaller advertising budget, having affordable postcards printed and mailed out can be the best investment they can make. If you use a company like Spencer Minuteman Press to do your printing, you’ll not only have an efficient advertising tool, you’ll have it in record time.

Time Savings

With Spencer’s in-house design team, you can design your postcard set and have it printed in just a few days. Compared to waiting for print ads or other forms of marketing, your postcard promotion can be up and ready in less than a week.

Compact Size

Flyers and information sheets are too large to carry around, so they’re usually left on desks or in recycling bins, if the recipient even opens the envelope. Postcards, on the other hand, are the perfect size for slipping into a purse or pocket and posting on bulletin boards and refrigerator doors. Postcards are much larger than business cards, so you can give out much more information, plus their two-sided nature allows you to create a dual design; one side for an offer with your business information on the other. There’s plenty of room for a detailed offer, all in a convenient size.

It’s All in the Looks

Envelopes are plain looking, even if you use coloured stock. Postcards, on the other hand, can employ an astonishing rainbow of colour to catch the attention. Use the right combination of colour and design and your postcard will be an advertising piece that people want to keep around. Good design will catch the eye in other ways, too. Whether it’s laying on a desk or being displayed on a board, other people passing by can be intrigued by a good-looking postcard, making your promotional budget stretch even further.

Pinpoint Marketing

Unlike billboards and newspaper ads, postcards can be mailed to only the most likely potential customers in an area. Create mailing lists of people like your current customers and target them with your postcard campaign.

If you’re looking for express business cards, high quality brochure design, document printing, or posters in Melbourne’s CBD, Spencer Press will deliver consistent results in an affordable package. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers fast turnaround, in-house graphic designers to assist in logo creation and layout, plus free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD. Contact them today to arrange your next printing quote.

Do Your Marketing Brochures Ask These Important Questions?

Eye-catching graphics and even layouts are great, but the most important part of your brochure design is the information it’s meant to convey. At Spencer Minuteman Press, our design staff is ready to help you create the ideal business brochure, but your half of the contribution is the more important of the two. Brochures are created to pull potential customers in and incite them to action, whether it’s make a phone call, send an email, or walk into your business. Unless you answer these five questions, you’re not getting the message across.

Are You Hooking the Customer?

A hook, or a beginning that draws the eye and the interest, can be a title, a photo, or both. What final act do you want the customer to take? Put a picture on the cover of someone already enjoying that act. Happy diners in a restaurant, children bouncing on trampolines, and couples at their wedding are all pictures that evoke a sense of satisfaction, implying that your business will create this feeling if the potential customer acts.

Questions are also a great hook. Queries like, Are You Tired of Boring Restaurants? Isn’t it Time for a Vacation? And, Wouldn’t You Like to Lower Your Insurance Rate? are all good. Choose a question that almost everyone will answer with a resounding yes.


Modern Brochure Design

Modern Brochure Design


Are You Explaining the Benefits?

You’ve got them interested with your hook. Keep them interested by telling them what you can do for them. Maybe they can find great seafood in your restaurant. Maybe they’ll enjoy a weekend in your hotel. Maybe they’ll save money. Whatever the reason, you need to convey the benefit to everyone who reads your brochure.

Are You Using a Call to Action?

Most people will follow your instructions if you only ask them to. Some of the largest advertising failures around happened because someone just didn’t ask for an action. Tell them to come in and try your fish. Give them the dates when you have weekend discounts and tell them to stop by. Let them know they need to email to get further information. Ask them for an action.

Are You Telling Them How?

Letting them know about your sale is great, but giving them a map to your store will go further in getting them to come in. Put in your address, your phone number, your email address, or any details they need to get the deal. Don’t make them ask, because most won’t.

Are You Telling Them Why Now?

Make every offer limited, whether it’s for a week or a year. Convey a sense of urgency in your brochure and you’ll encourage more people to take advantage of your offer right away.

If you’re looking for express business cards in Melbourne or brochure printing in Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the place to go. They have a range of quality products from document printing to flyers at very reasonable prices, and they’ll get the job done in very little time. Express same day turnaround is available and they offer free delivery if you’re in the Melbourne CBD. To discuss your next printing project and receive a quote, contact Minuteman Press Spencer Street today.


Attract High-End Clients With Impressive Looking Documents

Remember the days of smudged and faded copy machine copies? Remember having to hand those out to clients? If you’re still living in those days, it’s time to move up in the world and trust your document printing to Spencer Minuteman Press. Their document printing service is second to none when it comes to quality, swiftness, and value. Spencer can print dozens of pages a minute with their top-of-the-line digital printers, meaning you’ll get the quality you want in the quantity you need. If you need professional printing in Melbourne CBD, head to Minuteman Press Spencer Street for anything you need. Just ask Mike, who came to us a few weeks ago with an all-too common problem.

Impressive Looking Business Documents

Impressing the Clients

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m an electrical contractor, and a big part of my job is bidding for client work. I usually have a competitor or two bidding on the same jobs as me, so I try any advantage I can to get ahead of the game. My bid sheets looked like everyone else’s: pages I ran off on my office printer, using cheap white paper. They did the job, but just barely. I decided to try using a better looking bid package for my clients and the experiment worked. I went to Minuteman Press Spencer Street to find out what they could offer me. In the three months since I changed my bidding method to the one they designed, my business has increased 20 percent. I even had to hire on two more electricians to help with all the extra work I have now. My only regret is that I never thought to go to Spencer Minuteman Press sooner than I did.

Printing Your Documents, Your Way

Spencer Minuteman Press is prepared to help you create the exact business documents you need to make your business succeed. If you’re not artistic, our design staff will sit with you and create an original design package that will effectively brand everything you have into one cohesive package. They’ll create layouts for forms and design letterheads, both colour and in black and white. Once you have the design you like, we’ll produce exact copies of all your needed documents. Each copy will look exactly like the original document, with no loss of richness or detail. When your document package is finished, we can even bind them or create a presentation folder for an even more impressive look for clients.

Creating the documents that represent your business is a serious undertaking. You’ll have a harder time getting ahead if clients see you as average. Superior documents with a professional look tell prospective clients that you have a high attention to detail. If you need detailed documents, express business cards, brochures, or even wedding invitations in Melbourne, get that detailed work at Spencer Minuteman Press. We offer free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD and express, same day turnaround on most jobs. Contact us for a quote today.