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Print Marketing Trends for 2018

The start of the New Year is always a great time to sit back and re-evaluate your business’ marketing strategy. Part of the re-evaluation process is determining what new and innovative marketing trends you wish to incorporate into your strategy for print marketing.

Print Marketing Trends for 2018

Keep the following print marketing trends in mind while thinking about how you want your training manuals, brochures, booklets, presentation folders, and business cards to look. Using these marketing trends will help you grab the attention of potential customers and clients.

Say “Goodbye” to Big Blocks of Text and “Hello” to Simplified Photos

Many businesses are tempted to try to put as much information as possible in their brochures or other marketing material. Unfortunately, this can lead to information overload. That is why many businesses are requesting companies that offer printing in Melbourne’s CBD to create brochures and other materials with less text and more imaging.

The print marketing materials, such as booklets, brochures, and business cards, will only have essential information. The text that provides customers or clients with information will be short and to the point. This allows businesses to get their point across without overwhelming anyone or providing too much information.

Take the Time to Personalise Your Marketing

It is tempting to just take a template and slap some information down for your company’s brochures or marketing booklets, but that could backfire. Take the time to try and personalise any print marketing. Personalisation needs to not only be about what services or products you offer, but make sure the material is tailored to your audience.

For example, if you are selling healthcare supplies to hospitals and medical offices, you can be more technical in some of the text. However, if you want a customer to consider purchasing a product of yours in the store, you may want to make the text used in marketing materials easier to read.

Other Marketing Trends for 2018

Some of the other print marketing trends you may want to consider adding to your marketing strategy include:

  • Creating a story that is told throughout the brochures or marketing material. For example, use similar pictures or language throughout the brochure. This will help customers see the bigger picture regarding what your company can offer.
  • Use some digital marketing. Consider using websites and other digital marketing to provide additional information to customers. They can get the basics in print, but go to the digital outlets, such as a website, to get more information. The addition of QR codes on printed materials can help facilitate this.
  • Create marketing material that is extremely visual. Use eye-catching colors, clear photos, and lots of white space.

Custom Printing in Melbourne’s CBD

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is ready to help you create the marketing material you want and need to help your business succeed. Our experienced team can help you create everything from booklets, brochures, business cards, presentation folders, and even training manuals, with expert designers on hand to help create your perfect printed material. Call us today to learn more about how our customer printing in Melbourne can help you.

The Power of Colour in Your Marketing Material

When you think about creating marketing materials for your business, you probably think you should focus on the text. After all, the text is what explains to readers the services and products you have to offer and why they should choose you over your competitors, but the text alone often doesn’t grab people’s attention.

The Benefits of Presentation Folders

Businesses need to create marketing materials, such as brochures, booklets, presentation folders, and business cards, which stand out. These materials need to capture a person’s attention and make them take notice or your material’s text won’t even be read. That is why colour is so powerful.

The Power of Colour

The colours that you choose for your marketing materials will dramatically influence how potential customers and clients view your business. Even if customers and clients won’t admit it, the colours that are used in the brochures and other materials give them a feel for your business and products.

For example, a company that happens to use yellow in their marketing materials can often be described as being fun, vibrant, and optimistic. All of those things are just assumed based on the colour that is used in logos and borders of marketing material.

Don’t Go Overboard with Colour

While colour is powerful and it is needed to grab people’s attention, you don’t want to go overboard with it. Adding too much colour or selecting extremely bold, neon colours can overwhelm a customer or client and make a negative impression.

When creating marketing materials, go for a happy middle ground with colours. Add just enough to get your message across, but not so much that it becomes sensory overload. Remember you want to make customers come to you, not drive them away with loud, obnoxious marketing materials.

Incorporate 2018 Colour Trends into Your Marketing Materials

Marketing materials, just like fashion, have colour trends that come and go over the years. If you are planning on creating new marketing material for your business, consider incorporating some of these 2018 colour trends into your brochures, presentation folders, business cards, and other materials:

  • Various shades of blue and orange – convey a message of being resourceful
  • Pink – says discrete
  • Gold – tells customers you are sophisticated and professional
  • Rosy red tones – speak to a wide range of people
  • Intense colours – focus on intensity and devotion

Work with a Professional for Custom Printing in Melbourne CBD

Minuteman Press Spencer Street, located in Melbourne’s CBD, can help you make amazing marketing material that is unique to your business. Our experienced team of printers and designers can help you pick out unique colours that will create the image you wish to convey to customers and clients. Our team of professionals can help you create presentation folders, training manuals, brochures, and business cards. Contact us today to learn more about our custom printing services in Melbourne’s CBD.

The Benefits of Presentation Folders

If you want to stand out at a meeting, make a great first impression at a conference, or impress a new client, presentation folders are the tool to use. Even in a digital age, having something solid to give to clients can make your company brand harder to forget than your competitors. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, some of our customers are using presentation folders to organise materials during sales calls, to keep information for clients safely in one place, or to create customised marketing packets based on customer needs. Presentation folders aren’t just good marketing material; they’ve got a wide variety of other benefits for your company.

The Benefits of Presentation Folders


If you’re giving clients estimates for a job or a list of products or services you can provide, handing over a pile of loose papers doesn’t look all that professional. Put your papers in a sleek presentation folder, designed with your company’s logo and branding, to make a better lasting impression. Make presentations in a professional manner by looking like you’re someone who’s organised and who plans ahead.


Presentation folders are much more durable than loose sheets of paper and other sale materials. They last long enough that you can even use them for training manuals, simply filling them with class information as needed. This method allows you to change out instructions at will, instead of having to print out entire new booklets every time you change company policy.

Cost Effective

Compared to brochures and other high end products, presentation folders can be much more cost effective. They’ll hold any pages you print in your own office, plus blank pages for clients or customers to use for taking notes. Once they pick up other products, such as your business card or brochures, they can all be kept safely together in one spot for no additional cost.


When you’re trying to impress a potential customer, looking successful always helps. Let Minuteman Press Spencer Street create a custom presentation folder for you, and you’ll be able to give customers an impressive looking collection of information, all in a memorable branded packet.

When ordering your presentation folders, think about any other business printing in Melbourne CBD you might need. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we are experts at creating express business cards in Melbourne, and even deliver them to your office for free if you are located within the CBD to save you time and money. Our professional design team can help you to create any one of our products, and will advise you on stock, textures, fonts, and any other design detail you might need help with. Bring in your own design or work with us to design something new for brochures, booklets, business cards, and all other types of business printing you may need.

Build Your Brand with Printed Materials

No matter how comprehensive your online presence, printed materials will always have a place when building your brand. Unlike digital information, printed products make a lasting impact on the reader. They stick around, whether on the coffee table, in a drawer, or put away in a wallet for future reference. Your most compelling digital page won’t do that. Of course, your goal in building your brand is to create lasting relationships with clients or customers, making an impression that lasts. Here are some keys for finding the balance between digital and physical printed marketing products.

Build Your Brand with Printed Materials

Pick the Right Products

Not every message needs to be converted to printed matter; your blog posts never need to be anything but digital, but they’re still a strong part of your brand. Your branded printed materials should be objects your customers will refer to again and again, something that conveys a message better and is more involving than a web page ever could be. Some of the more useful products for branding are:

Stay Consistent

The key to effective branding is staying consistent in everything you do. Your background colours, logo design, fonts, and even spacing should be the same on both giveaway coupons and your website heading. Potential customers should be able to pick your brand out from a distance away, and the details your select for your marketing should become synonymous with your brand. Think of the red Coca-Cola script or the robin’s egg blue of a Tiffany box. If your branding is that iconic, your products or services will be an instant-buy as customers will equate your branding with quality and trustworthiness.

Create Quality Products

To always have the best printed materials to give your potential clients, you need a reliable professional printer to do the job. Thousands of businesses have relied on Minuteman Press Spencer Street for their printing in Melbourne’s CBD and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a quick turnaround on express business cards in Melbourne or a set of presentation folders for your next business conference, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is the place to go for affordable and speedy professional printing. Our range of services extend beyond printing, with our in-house design team able to assist you with logo designs, graphics and images, plus professional advice on layouts and print materials that best suit your ideas. Best of all we will happily discuss your needs to ensure your printed materials come in on time and budget. If you’d like to know more about our fantastic range of quality printed materials or to discuss your specific branding needs, contact the team at Minuteman Press Spencer Street today!

Christmas Marketing Tips from Minuteman Press Spencer Street

The Christmas shopping season is just weeks away and it’s time to get your business holiday plans in order. Creating personalised holiday print items is a fantastic marketing opportunity. Your customers, staff and clients will already be in the Christmas spirit, and giving them a little gift is the best way to thank them and bring them back in the coming year. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, our professional design team can work with you to create the perfect Christmas themed products.

Christmas Marketing Tips from Minuteman Press Spencer Street


It’s the Season for Giving

Holiday themed discounts are a proven way to bring customers into your business. Get creative and make up a variety of special gifts that will remind them of you through the coming year, and give them a reason to keep returning, month after month.

  • Coupon booklets are always a customer favourite. Create a collection of coupons or discounts, one for each month of the coming year. Tie sales into holidays, or just make them seasonal discounts. When customers have a discount coupon for every month, they’re more likely to turn into regular, returning customers.
  • Business cards make fantastic coupons, and at Minuteman Press Spencer Street we can create quick and economical business cards in Melbourne to fit any occasion. Take a turn on your normal business card by adding some holiday graphics and adding a discount offer on the front of the card.
  • Christmas themed thank you cards are a great way to let regular customers know you appreciate their continued business. Make them feel special with a gift of a personalised discount card, available for use during or after the holiday season. We can print customised cards, flyers, or ‘With Compliments‘ slips to include with correspondence or orders.


In-Store Supplies

  • Continue the holiday spirit by creating Christmas themed paper goods to use every day.
  • Restaurants can create an impressive holiday menu by putting them in presentation folders with festive designs and send them to local businesses that may be seeking a Christmas party venue.
  • Retail stores will keep the Christmas cheer going with holiday themed bags and boxes.
  • Keep the littlest visitors happy by creating a giveaway colouring poster for young ones to decorate. You can even encourage the children to bring them back to decorate your walls, which will encourage parents to shop even more frequently.
  • Get in early to design and print the Christmas posters for your staff Christmas party.


Time is Getting Short

The holidays are approaching quickly, and the time for getting your holiday printing done is now. Whether you’re looking for training manuals, brochures, express business cards, or other printing in Melbourne’s CBD, Minuteman Press Spencer Street will do a superior job, economically and quickly. We’ll even deliver to your business for free if you’re in the Melbourne CBD. For all your professional printing needs, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is here for you, through the holidays and into the coming year.

Get Your Brochure Noticed With These Insider Tips

Your brochure can be your most important marketing product, but only if it’s something potential clients will read. More and more companies are producing attractive brochures to entice new clients into their business. It’s crucial that you make yours something that will rise above the competition. The professional designers at Minuteman Press Spencer Street are brochure experts and are happy to work with you, designing the perfect piece to attract new customers while fitting in with your company style. Make your brochures eye-catching and just a bit different to make them stand out from the crowd with these insider tips.

Get Your Brochure Noticed With These Insider Tips

Make Your Cover Pop

An interesting cover is the best way to get people to pick up your brochure for a second look. Choose a vibrant image and complementary font and colours. Rely on a big, bold splash on the front, and keep your text inside. Unique and creative are the keywords here; there’s no place for boring ideas when it comes to your brochure cover.

Use Bullet Points

Convey your information in short, easy-to-understand statements. Use the feeling of bullet points: short, strong statements, one after the other. You just want to give them a taste of what you’re selling, turning on their curiosity enough to get them to contact you.

Use a Call to Action

All the colour and text in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t tell potential customers what to do. The best sales technique in the world is simply to ask for the sale. Use this to your advantage: ask them to call your office, visit your website, order your booklets, or whatever other action you want them to do.

Make it Easy

Once you’ve talked them into taking action, make it easy for them. Put your contact information in at least two places in the brochure: one near the front, and one at the back.

Reliable, Affordable Printing

Minuteman Press Spencer Street’s professional team is ready to care for all your printing in Melbourne CBD needs. Whether you need presentation folders, training manuals, brochures or business cards in Melbourne, we’ll get the job done quickly and for a great price. Contact us today to discuss your brochure needs.

Outsource The Printing of Your Training Materials and Reap the Benefits

With all the do-it-yourself templates to be found online, why wouldn’t you try to save money by printing your own training manuals and other materials instead of having them outsourced? After all, you’ve got computers and printers in your business. Why not take advantage of the technology you’ve already invested in?

Outsource The Printing of Your Training Materials and Reap the Benefits

If you’re thinking about creating your training materials in-house and you’re not a professional printer, stop right now. This is a perfect example of false economy. Printing your own training materials might seem like the perfect way to save money, but it can end up costing you more. Minuteman Press Spencer Street specialises in professional printing and design in Melbourne’s CBD, and offer outstanding service at an amazingly economical price.

Why Should I Outsource?

Outsourcing your printing needs for brochures, booklets and other training materials isn’t just a matter of money. You’ll save on material costs, but you’ll also benefit in a host of different ways. For example:

  • Your employees can keep their focus on their work instead of figuring out how to make professional-looking training materials. The time they spend learning to do our job is better spent by doing their own.
  • The quality of a professional job can’t be matched by casual employees trying to create a set of printouts in their spare time.
  • Our professional materials supply has a much wider range than your in-house team could ever find. We offer a large variety of sizes, textures and paper stock for any need.
  • Taking your work to a professional is much faster than relying on employees working in their spare time. You’ll get your materials much quicker, cutting down on wasted time.
  • You’ll save on maintenance costs and repairs. Are your standard office machines tough enough to stand up to hundreds or thousands of pages being printed in a row? Do you have a maintenance contract for those machines that specifies the amount of use you should give them? Overworking your office printer is the best way to knock it offline, leaving your entire office without a printer until you can repair it or buy another one.
  • WYSIWYG – Once you have consulted with one of our designers and are happy with your final product, you can rest assured that is the high quality finished product that will be delivered. Can the same be said of allowing interns to produce your valuable documents?

You know how to do your job. Let us do ours. Whatever printing needs you have, whether it’s presentation folders or express business cards in Melbourne, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is here to help.

7 Ways To Add Excitement To Your Brochures

One of the best ways to leave potential customers with a great impression is by giving them a brochure that answers questions about your products or services. Much more than a business card, a brochure gives clients enough information to make them want to come back for more. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street our design team is ready to help you create custom brochures that answer any business question you may have.

7 Ways To Add Excitement To Your Brochures

We’ve all seen boring brochures that are destined for the rubbish bin. Plain colours, no excitement, bland text. Where’s the sense in that? We’ve got better ideas, all designed to catch customers’ eyes and keep their interest. Here are some of the most effective ways to make your brochures more exciting:

  • Start with a question, and move on from there. Post a question on the front of your brochure, and use the rest of the space answering it, giving great information about your business at the same time.
  • Choose an interesting fold. Skip the boring old tri-fold design and go with something like a half fold or gatefold that opens up to show the entire page. Take advantage of that design to trail one design element across the entire page.
  • Use simple Photoshop techniques to switch around the look of your photos. Give them all a coloured tint, adjust the colour saturation, or go with an antique finish. Change all of your photos to make them look like a professional set.
  • Avoid the usual stock paper to give your brochure a different look and feel. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street we offer a variety of paper stock and sizes, available to give your brochure exactly the right impression.
  • Limit your fonts to keep the design looking coordinated. It’s fine to use one font for the main titles, one for subheadings and one for the body copy, but don’t use more than that. A wild variety of fonts will end up looking like a comic book, not a business brochure.
  • Double check your copy to make sure it sends the message you want. All the great design in the world won’t make up for a brochure with typos or poor grammar in the copy.
  • Experiment with colour. Sober business brochures might all be printed on white or cream stock, but you can draw in potential customers’ eyes with bright, primary colours. Make your images pop and your copy stand out by using a bright colour from your company logo, or a seasonal hue to bring in a contemporary look to the project.

Custom Brochure Printing in Melbourne CBD for Your Business

Minuteman Press Spencer Street is ready to help design your next business brochure or business cards in Melbourne. Our experienced design team can work with you to create artisan presentation folders, training manuals, and even booklets. You’ll get the fastest products at the best prices, and we guarantee our work. For all your business printing needs, contact Minuteman Press Spencer Street today.

Craft Your Presentation Folders To Stand Out From The Crowd

If you have multiple handouts to give to clients, staff, or trainees, a presentation folder can be the ideal method for keeping all these important papers together. Less expensive than a binder, a presentation folder still organises your materials while delivering a strong company presence. When done correctly, presentation folders can elevate your information above the competition, which is especially important during conferences or other industry gatherings. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we’ll work with you to design your own unique presentation folder design, one that conveys your company’s message at a reasonable price. Here are some details to keep in mind when designing your folder:

Craft Your Presentation Folders To Stand Out From The Crowd

Who is Your Target Audience?

Are you creating a presentation folder filled with training manual material, or one containing informational brochures? If your folder is designed to give information to in-house personnel, the outer design can be filled with more information. Presentation folders destined for customers should reflect more of your company style, allowing the contents to do the talking.

Keep the Design Simple

No matter where your folder is destined to end up, the contents inside should be packed with important information. With the potential for information overload with the contained contents, you’re more likely to make a good impression with a sleek, clean look for your cover. Keep the folder clean of clutter, using only a simple logo or branding element. This is also an opportune time to design a cover that is eye-catching and clever, adding a point of difference that will linger in the memory of potential clients and staff.

Use a Substantial Stock

Flimsy folders simply look like you didn’t take the time to craft something worth keeping. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, a member of our design team will work with you to choose the perfect stock for your presentation folder, selecting from our large variety of thicknesses, colours and surface treatments.

Reflect Your Company Branding

What is your company’s overall brand? Are you sophisticated, friendly or expert? Let us show you how to use colour, font, surface treatments, and basic design to convey your company’s inner attitude with the cover of your presentation folder. Whether you’re putting together a packet of booklets or presenting a proposal for a multi-million dollar project, your folder cover will help to convey trust and responsibility that conveys your overall brand.

For presentation folders or express business cards in Melbourne, Minuteman Press Spencer Street has the expertise to help you design and create the materials you need for your business. We’re ready to help with all your printing needs in Melbourne CBD, and even offer free delivery for local orders. Call us today for an appointment with one of our design specialists and we’ll show you how the right presentation folder can make an incredible difference with client relations and employee relations.

Why Booklets are a Great Marketing Tool for Your Business

If you’re constantly chasing the newest digital marketing solutions and not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to step back and rediscover more traditional advertising methods. The goal of a promotional product is to impress potential customers, letting them know that you have the key to solving whatever problem they may have. This is hard to do with a short ad or quickly viewed page online. What you need is something substantial, a marketing piece that allows you to give customers all the information they need: a booklet.

Why Booklets are a Great Marketing Tool for Your Business

At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we create booklets for a wide variety of customers, and each one uses theirs for a different marketing purpose. That’s the beauty of having booklets for your company: you can use them in so many different circumstances. Digital ads and marketing giveaways have only one use, but booklets are your multi-purpose go-to marketing piece you’ll rely on again and again.

Advantages to Booklets for Marketing

Booklets might seem like an old-fashioned method for promoting your business, but there’s a reason they’re still popular after all these years. A booklet can stand in for multiple other products, giving more information for your money than any other promotional item. Instead of simply giving clients a company name and phone number, your booklet can be an entire advertising campaign in one package. They’re multi-purpose, giving you these advertising options:

  • Your booklets can be used for multiple events, eliminating the need for new products every time
    you want to contact new customers. Create a booklet that tells all about your company and the products or services your offer, and you can use it at conventions, business gatherings, grand opening celebrations, or even in place of compliments cards or brochures. It can be the one
    advertising product you rely on for every promotional occasion.
  • Booklets give your potential customers a lot more information than simple ads or other
    marketing products. Potential customers looking for your type of product or service won’t have to go searching for answers to their questions; they’ll have them all right in hand.
  • Compared to the cost of creating multiple marketing products designed to hit many different
    markets, creating booklets is a bargain. You’ll get better results for your money than with almost any other promotional product.

Custom Printing in Melbourne CBD

When you’re ready to create a custom booklet designed around your company, give us a call or stop in at Minuteman Press Spencer Street. Our professional design team will work with you to make the best promotional booklet possible. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers fast, courteous service at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for custom notepads or business cards in Melbourne, your best choice in printing is always Minuteman Press Spencer Street.