Outsource The Printing of Your Training Materials and Reap the Benefits

With all the do-it-yourself templates to be found online, why wouldn’t you try to save money by printing your own training manuals and other materials instead of having them outsourced? After all, you’ve got computers and printers in your business. Why not take advantage of the technology you’ve already invested in?

Outsource The Printing of Your Training Materials and Reap the Benefits

If you’re thinking about creating your training materials in-house and you’re not a professional printer, stop right now. This is a perfect example of false economy. Printing your own training materials might seem like the perfect way to save money, but it can end up costing you more. Minuteman Press Spencer Street specialises in professional printing and design in Melbourne’s CBD, and offer outstanding service at an amazingly economical price.

Why Should I Outsource?

Outsourcing your printing needs for brochures, booklets and other training materials isn’t just a matter of money. You’ll save on material costs, but you’ll also benefit in a host of different ways. For example:

  • Your employees can keep their focus on their work instead of figuring out how to make professional-looking training materials. The time they spend learning to do our job is better spent by doing their own.
  • The quality of a professional job can’t be matched by casual employees trying to create a set of printouts in their spare time.
  • Our professional materials supply has a much wider range than your in-house team could ever find. We offer a large variety of sizes, textures and paper stock for any need.
  • Taking your work to a professional is much faster than relying on employees working in their spare time. You’ll get your materials much quicker, cutting down on wasted time.
  • You’ll save on maintenance costs and repairs. Are your standard office machines tough enough to stand up to hundreds or thousands of pages being printed in a row? Do you have a maintenance contract for those machines that specifies the amount of use you should give them? Overworking your office printer is the best way to knock it offline, leaving your entire office without a printer until you can repair it or buy another one.
  • WYSIWYG – Once you have consulted with one of our designers and are happy with your final product, you can rest assured that is the high quality finished product that will be delivered. Can the same be said of allowing interns to produce your valuable documents?

You know how to do your job. Let us do ours. Whatever printing needs you have, whether it’s presentation folders or express business cards in Melbourne, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is here to help.