Build Your Brand with Printed Materials

No matter how comprehensive your online presence, printed materials will always have a place when building your brand. Unlike digital information, printed products make a lasting impact on the reader. They stick around, whether on the coffee table, in a drawer, or put away in a wallet for future reference. Your most compelling digital page won’t do that. Of course, your goal in building your brand is to create lasting relationships with clients or customers, making an impression that lasts. Here are some keys for finding the balance between digital and physical printed marketing products.

Build Your Brand with Printed Materials

Pick the Right Products

Not every message needs to be converted to printed matter; your blog posts never need to be anything but digital, but they’re still a strong part of your brand. Your branded printed materials should be objects your customers will refer to again and again, something that conveys a message better and is more involving than a web page ever could be. Some of the more useful products for branding are:

Stay Consistent

The key to effective branding is staying consistent in everything you do. Your background colours, logo design, fonts, and even spacing should be the same on both giveaway coupons and your website heading. Potential customers should be able to pick your brand out from a distance away, and the details your select for your marketing should become synonymous with your brand. Think of the red Coca-Cola script or the robin’s egg blue of a Tiffany box. If your branding is that iconic, your products or services will be an instant-buy as customers will equate your branding with quality and trustworthiness.

Create Quality Products

To always have the best printed materials to give your potential clients, you need a reliable professional printer to do the job. Thousands of businesses have relied on Minuteman Press Spencer Street for their printing in Melbourne’s CBD and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a quick turnaround on express business cards in Melbourne or a set of presentation folders for your next business conference, Minuteman Press Spencer Street is the place to go for affordable and speedy professional printing. Our range of services extend beyond printing, with our in-house design team able to assist you with logo designs, graphics and images, plus professional advice on layouts and print materials that best suit your ideas. Best of all we will happily discuss your needs to ensure your printed materials come in on time and budget. If you’d like to know more about our fantastic range of quality printed materials or to discuss your specific branding needs, contact the team at Minuteman Press Spencer Street today!