The Benefits of Presentation Folders

If you want to stand out at a meeting, make a great first impression at a conference, or impress a new client, presentation folders are the tool to use. Even in a digital age, having something solid to give to clients can make your company brand harder to forget than your competitors. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, some of our customers are using presentation folders to organise materials during sales calls, to keep information for clients safely in one place, or to create customised marketing packets based on customer needs. Presentation folders aren’t just good marketing material; they’ve got a wide variety of other benefits for your company.

The Benefits of Presentation Folders


If you’re giving clients estimates for a job or a list of products or services you can provide, handing over a pile of loose papers doesn’t look all that professional. Put your papers in a sleek presentation folder, designed with your company’s logo and branding, to make a better lasting impression. Make presentations in a professional manner by looking like you’re someone who’s organised and who plans ahead.


Presentation folders are much more durable than loose sheets of paper and other sale materials. They last long enough that you can even use them for training manuals, simply filling them with class information as needed. This method allows you to change out instructions at will, instead of having to print out entire new booklets every time you change company policy.

Cost Effective

Compared to brochures and other high end products, presentation folders can be much more cost effective. They’ll hold any pages you print in your own office, plus blank pages for clients or customers to use for taking notes. Once they pick up other products, such as your business card or brochures, they can all be kept safely together in one spot for no additional cost.


When you’re trying to impress a potential customer, looking successful always helps. Let Minuteman Press Spencer Street create a custom presentation folder for you, and you’ll be able to give customers an impressive looking collection of information, all in a memorable branded packet.

When ordering your presentation folders, think about any other business printing in Melbourne CBD you might need. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we are experts at creating express business cards in Melbourne, and even deliver them to your office for free if you are located within the CBD to save you time and money. Our professional design team can help you to create any one of our products, and will advise you on stock, textures, fonts, and any other design detail you might need help with. Bring in your own design or work with us to design something new for brochures, booklets, business cards, and all other types of business printing you may need.