7 Ways To Add Excitement To Your Brochures

One of the best ways to leave potential customers with a great impression is by giving them a brochure that answers questions about your products or services. Much more than a business card, a brochure gives clients enough information to make them want to come back for more. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street our design team is ready to help you create custom brochures that answer any business question you may have.

7 Ways To Add Excitement To Your Brochures

We’ve all seen boring brochures that are destined for the rubbish bin. Plain colours, no excitement, bland text. Where’s the sense in that? We’ve got better ideas, all designed to catch customers’ eyes and keep their interest. Here are some of the most effective ways to make your brochures more exciting:

  • Start with a question, and move on from there. Post a question on the front of your brochure, and use the rest of the space answering it, giving great information about your business at the same time.
  • Choose an interesting fold. Skip the boring old tri-fold design and go with something like a half fold or gatefold that opens up to show the entire page. Take advantage of that design to trail one design element across the entire page.
  • Use simple Photoshop techniques to switch around the look of your photos. Give them all a coloured tint, adjust the colour saturation, or go with an antique finish. Change all of your photos to make them look like a professional set.
  • Avoid the usual stock paper to give your brochure a different look and feel. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street we offer a variety of paper stock and sizes, available to give your brochure exactly the right impression.
  • Limit your fonts to keep the design looking coordinated. It’s fine to use one font for the main titles, one for subheadings and one for the body copy, but don’t use more than that. A wild variety of fonts will end up looking like a comic book, not a business brochure.
  • Double check your copy to make sure it sends the message you want. All the great design in the world won’t make up for a brochure with typos or poor grammar in the copy.
  • Experiment with colour. Sober business brochures might all be printed on white or cream stock, but you can draw in potential customers’ eyes with bright, primary colours. Make your images pop and your copy stand out by using a bright colour from your company logo, or a seasonal hue to bring in a contemporary look to the project.

Custom Brochure Printing in Melbourne CBD for Your Business

Minuteman Press Spencer Street is ready to help design your next business brochure or business cards in Melbourne. Our experienced design team can work with you to create artisan presentation folders, training manuals, and even booklets. You’ll get the fastest products at the best prices, and we guarantee our work. For all your business printing needs, contact Minuteman Press Spencer Street today.