Why Booklets are a Great Marketing Tool for Your Business

If you’re constantly chasing the newest digital marketing solutions and not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to step back and rediscover more traditional advertising methods. The goal of a promotional product is to impress potential customers, letting them know that you have the key to solving whatever problem they may have. This is hard to do with a short ad or quickly viewed page online. What you need is something substantial, a marketing piece that allows you to give customers all the information they need: a booklet.

Why Booklets are a Great Marketing Tool for Your Business

At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we create booklets for a wide variety of customers, and each one uses theirs for a different marketing purpose. That’s the beauty of having booklets for your company: you can use them in so many different circumstances. Digital ads and marketing giveaways have only one use, but booklets are your multi-purpose go-to marketing piece you’ll rely on again and again.

Advantages to Booklets for Marketing

Booklets might seem like an old-fashioned method for promoting your business, but there’s a reason they’re still popular after all these years. A booklet can stand in for multiple other products, giving more information for your money than any other promotional item. Instead of simply giving clients a company name and phone number, your booklet can be an entire advertising campaign in one package. They’re multi-purpose, giving you these advertising options:

  • Your booklets can be used for multiple events, eliminating the need for new products every time
    you want to contact new customers. Create a booklet that tells all about your company and the products or services your offer, and you can use it at conventions, business gatherings, grand opening celebrations, or even in place of compliments cards or brochures. It can be the one
    advertising product you rely on for every promotional occasion.
  • Booklets give your potential customers a lot more information than simple ads or other
    marketing products. Potential customers looking for your type of product or service won’t have to go searching for answers to their questions; they’ll have them all right in hand.
  • Compared to the cost of creating multiple marketing products designed to hit many different
    markets, creating booklets is a bargain. You’ll get better results for your money than with almost any other promotional product.

Custom Printing in Melbourne CBD

When you’re ready to create a custom booklet designed around your company, give us a call or stop in at Minuteman Press Spencer Street. Our professional design team will work with you to make the best promotional booklet possible. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers fast, courteous service at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for custom notepads or business cards in Melbourne, your best choice in printing is always Minuteman Press Spencer Street.