Increase Your Marketing Reach With Postcards

Savvy business owners know that the best marketing is diverse, hitting multiple media to blanket potential customers. Any way you can get your brand out into the public can work, but some are more cost-effective than others are. What’s old is new again, and postcards are making great gains as advertising pieces as business owners discover the great return on investment they can produce. When considering business printing in Melbourne CBD, here’s why postcards should be at the top of your marketing list.


Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing


Cost Effectiveness

Compared to advertising pieces or other methods of promotions, postcards can be printed and mailed very inexpensively. For a small business with an even smaller advertising budget, having affordable postcards printed and mailed out can be the best investment they can make. If you use a company like Spencer Minuteman Press to do your printing, you’ll not only have an efficient advertising tool, you’ll have it in record time.

Time Savings

With Spencer’s in-house design team, you can design your postcard set and have it printed in just a few days. Compared to waiting for print ads or other forms of marketing, your postcard promotion can be up and ready in less than a week.

Compact Size

Flyers and information sheets are too large to carry around, so they’re usually left on desks or in recycling bins, if the recipient even opens the envelope. Postcards, on the other hand, are the perfect size for slipping into a purse or pocket and posting on bulletin boards and refrigerator doors. Postcards are much larger than business cards, so you can give out much more information, plus their two-sided nature allows you to create a dual design; one side for an offer with your business information on the other. There’s plenty of room for a detailed offer, all in a convenient size.

It’s All in the Looks

Envelopes are plain looking, even if you use coloured stock. Postcards, on the other hand, can employ an astonishing rainbow of colour to catch the attention. Use the right combination of colour and design and your postcard will be an advertising piece that people want to keep around. Good design will catch the eye in other ways, too. Whether it’s laying on a desk or being displayed on a board, other people passing by can be intrigued by a good-looking postcard, making your promotional budget stretch even further.

Pinpoint Marketing

Unlike billboards and newspaper ads, postcards can be mailed to only the most likely potential customers in an area. Create mailing lists of people like your current customers and target them with your postcard campaign.

If you’re looking for express business cards, high quality brochure design, document printing, or posters in Melbourne’s CBD, Spencer Press will deliver consistent results in an affordable package. Minuteman Press Spencer Street offers fast turnaround, in-house graphic designers to assist in logo creation and layout, plus free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD. Contact them today to arrange your next printing quote.