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Add a With Compliments Card to Your Gift Bags

When is a business card not just a business card? When it gives potential customers a great reason to visit or return to your business. We are big on creative design at Spencer Minuteman Press, and one of the most interesting uses we’ve seen for business cards is when they’re turned into With Compliments cards. Not just a normal business card, these pieces include an offer of a free product or service, a future discount, or an invitation to join a mailing list or to answer a survey.  Adding this little surprise extra to your customer’s package can help to increase your bottom line by a surprising amount. We asked one of our recent clients to share their success story:


With Compliments Slip

With Compliments Slip


Growing a Business, One Jar at a Time

Hello, my name is Dora, and I’ve been making and selling artisan jam at fairs and other local events for five years. I was trying to add internet sales to my business to keep income coming in during the winter months, but it’s hard to grow a business online. I came up with the idea of printing out With Compliments cards that offered 50 percent off on a first online order. I gave them out to customers who bought my jam in person, because I knew they all liked my products already. When they found out they could get their favourite jams throughout the year, and at a discount, some of them were happy enough to hug me!

My success is mainly due to the design team and quick service at Spencer Minuteman Press. Their professional designer sat down with me and helped me to create a card that looked professional, yet still fit in with my product’s attitude. We finished the design in one day and the resulting cards were printed and packaged by the end of the week. Because I needed my With Compliments business cards in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer was even willing to deliver my cards right to my location and for free! They’ve paid for themselves many times over with the increase in business they’ve given me, and have added more to my bottom line than I’d ever imagined.

If you’re looking for With Compliments cards, express business cards, a brochure set, or document or envelope printing in the Melbourne CBD, your best choice is Spencer Minuteman Press. Our design team is first-rate, the production is amazingly fast, and our products are high quality while being very affordable. The team here at Spencer Street Printing prides itself on affordable, high quality printing. With in-house graphic designers, fast turnaround and a perfect print guarantee, we are your first and last step in printing.

Are you adding With Compliments cards to your product packaging? Learn how to increase business with this one simple marketing tool from Minuteman Press Spencer Street. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.