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Attract High-End Clients With Impressive Looking Documents

Remember the days of smudged and faded copy machine copies? Remember having to hand those out to clients? If you’re still living in those days, it’s time to move up in the world and trust your document printing to Spencer Minuteman Press. Their document printing service is second to none when it comes to quality, swiftness, and value. Spencer can print dozens of pages a minute with their top-of-the-line digital printers, meaning you’ll get the quality you want in the quantity you need. If you need professional printing in Melbourne CBD, head to Minuteman Press Spencer Street for anything you need. Just ask Mike, who came to us a few weeks ago with an all-too common problem.

Impressive Looking Business Documents

Impressing the Clients

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m an electrical contractor, and a big part of my job is bidding for client work. I usually have a competitor or two bidding on the same jobs as me, so I try any advantage I can to get ahead of the game. My bid sheets looked like everyone else’s: pages I ran off on my office printer, using cheap white paper. They did the job, but just barely. I decided to try using a better looking bid package for my clients and the experiment worked. I went to Minuteman Press Spencer Street to find out what they could offer me. In the three months since I changed my bidding method to the one they designed, my business has increased 20 percent. I even had to hire on two more electricians to help with all the extra work I have now. My only regret is that I never thought to go to Spencer Minuteman Press sooner than I did.

Printing Your Documents, Your Way

Spencer Minuteman Press is prepared to help you create the exact business documents you need to make your business succeed. If you’re not artistic, our design staff will sit with you and create an original design package that will effectively brand everything you have into one cohesive package. They’ll create layouts for forms and design letterheads, both colour and in black and white. Once you have the design you like, we’ll produce exact copies of all your needed documents. Each copy will look exactly like the original document, with no loss of richness or detail. When your document package is finished, we can even bind them or create a presentation folder for an even more impressive look for clients.

Creating the documents that represent your business is a serious undertaking. You’ll have a harder time getting ahead if clients see you as average. Superior documents with a professional look tell prospective clients that you have a high attention to detail. If you need detailed documents, express business cards, brochures, or even wedding invitations in Melbourne, get that detailed work at Spencer Minuteman Press. We offer free shipping within Melbourne‚Äôs CBD and express, same day turnaround on most jobs. Contact us for a quote today.