What Makes A Great Company Logo?

We’re faced with hundreds of logos each day, and yet only some of them stick in our collective mind enough so that they can be identified at a glance. Think of golden arches, a green circle with a mermaid, or an apple with a bite taken out. These images are so obviously McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Apple that no words are needed to convey their message. The best logos are memorable, work in large or small spaces, and fit the company feeling or attitude. Here at Spencer Minuteman Press our designers will work with you to create your ideal business logo. So, what makes a great company logo and, more importantly, how do you get one?

memorable company logos
Memorable Company logos

Don’t Follow the Crowd

A changed version of a competitor’s logo will still remind your customers more of them than of you. You’ve created your own business and you deserve to have a logo that reflects your core beliefs and attitudes. Pepsi came out ten years after Coke, but they went in a completely new direction when they designed their logo. Make your logo one of a kind.


If you read colour psychology theory, you’ll find that people associate certain colours with certain emotions or attitudes. Blue is calming, and is the most popular colour in the world. Green is associated with nature and natural products. Orange is proven to entice people to buy. Black can be either high class or depressing, depending on what you contrast it with. Choose your logo colour wisely, keeping in mind the impression you want new customers to make of your business.


Just looking at some fonts gives people certain emotions. Flowing scripts are flowery, feminine, and light. Big block letters are seen as more masculine, serious, and staid. Fonts that lean forward denote speed or looking to the future. Comic sans says that you don’t take your business seriously. Look at your chosen choice of fonts and go with your gut reaction to the way they look. It doesn’t matter what the words say if their look conveys the opposite message.


Stay away from elaborate fussy logos with a lot of design detail. People should be able to describe your logo in two words or less. Golden arches. Apple. Green mermaid. All are stark images that are simple enough to stick in the mind, and none has to be interpreted. Leave off taglines, extraneous words such as Inc. or LLC , or elaborate design frills such as multiple outlines. Go with simple and to the point designs.


At its heart, you logo has to mean something to your company. Prospective customers should be able to figure out the meaning behind your logo without too much thought. The Nike swoosh and the Levi’s back pocket tag instantly brings their products to mind. Connect your logo to your product or service.

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