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Does My Online Business Need Business Cards?

You’re probably marketing your online business using some combination of social media and email marketing. Your promotions land right where people see them every single day. So why would you need to have actual business cards if your business is completely online? The owners of newer startups may view business cards as an old-fashioned marketing tool, but they’re more useful than you think. Unlike online ads and emails, business cards are permanent, tangible objects potential clients can hold and save. Cards mean different things to different people, but they can hit a variety of emotional responses that social media can’t touch. Having a supply of express business cards on hand can be a Godsend when meeting potential new clients or customers.

Business Cards

Business Cards


That Professional Look

Having a solid piece to hand out to potential customers simply makes your business look more professional. If you’ve spent the time and money to make custom cards, people will view you as taking your business more seriously. Your competition may spend 12 hours a day marketing online, but to a larger percentage of the public, you’ll look more stable by having a well-designed business card.


The best customer for you to get is one who returns over and over again. One way to get customers to come back is to offer them something special. Turn business cards into compliments cards by adding an offer to the back of your cards. When you order your business cards in Melbourne, include a discount for future orders or a special free item to all returning customers. Add one of these compliments cards to each order you ship, or hand them to every client you service.

You’ll Stand Out

A business card says so much more about your business than your name and contact information. Depending on the card you design, it will tell recipients about your company culture or attitude, your brand personality, and your willingness to work just a little bit more to get the job done. Imagine a stark card with sharp geometric lines, and picture it next to one with a soft overlay of a lovely flower bouquet. Two different feelings for the businesses, right? Make your card speak about your business the same way.

It’s Memorable

Business cards are relatively scarce these days. Twenty years ago you might gather a stack of them within a week but, unless you go to a business convention or other gathering, you’ll be lucky to get one card each month. You remember the ones you do get, especially if they have a great design. Great cards help to stick your business into potential customers’ minds.

If you’re looking for business cards, brochures, flyers or any other printing in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the premier printer for all your business needs. Our in-house design staff can help you design the perfect business cards, on time and budget. If you need express business cards, we offer an express same day turnaround and free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD. Eco friendly stock is available and every job carries our print perfect guarantee. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.

Business Cards Don’t Have To Be Rectangles

When you’re trying to make an impression with clients, every little thing that makes you stand out from the crowd can be a huge advantage. Your clients may have a pile of business cards big enough to play poker with, but if your card is different enough to pick out from the rest, they’re more likely to choose you when they need to give someone their business. If you need business cards in Melbourne, your go-to place for cards should be Spencer Minuteman Press. Spencer Street Printers are one of the premier places for printing in Melbourne’s CBD. They have in-house graphic designers who will work with you to create the perfect card for your business, and the variety of colours and shapes available will let your creativity flow when designing your perfect card. With reasonable prices and short manufacturing times, Spencer Street Printers is the place to go for your business needs. Just ask Justin, who recently needed our services:

Real Estate Agent Business Cards for Success
Real Estate Agent Business Cards for Success

Impressing Potential Clients

My name is Justin, and I’m a real estate agent in Melbourne. I was having a hard time picking up extra business, and one of my colleagues told me that I needed to do something to stand out from the crowd. I was looking through the pile of business cards in my wallet, not able to find the card I was looking for, when it struck me: I needed a card that clients would keep, one that was different from any other card they got. That’s when I got in touch with Spencer Minuteman Printing.

I sat down with one of their designers and we spent the afternoon coming up with the perfect card for gaining business contacts and clients. We were able to incorporate the colours in my company’s logo, while making the card different enough so that it looked like nothing else around. The heavy gloss stock looks rich and expensive, and the smooth rounded edges gave my cards an impressive, custom touch. These are truly premium class, artisan business cards, at a common card price.

Since I’ve started handing out my new cards, I’m getting more frequent responses, and everyone who calls me comments on the cards. My increase in business is due completely to my new cards and the impression they make on potential clients. It’s the best business decision I’ve made in a long time.

Premium Business Cards

If you’re ready to step to the next level when it comes to your business cards, come to Spencer Minuteman Printing in Melbourne CBD. We’ll work with you to create the perfect card for all your business needs. We offer an in-house design service and free shipping within Melbourne’s CBD alongside our quality satisfaction guarantee. Our range of products covers everything from envelopes to wedding invitations and we offer an express business card service with a fast one-day turnaround. Contact us today to discuss your printing requirements.