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Custom Notepads Are The Ideal Business Opening Gift

Grand opening celebrations are a great way for businesses to entice neighbourhood customers to come into their shops. However, once they see what you have to offer, how do you make sure they’ll come back? You could print an eye-catching brochure or add discount compliments cards with every order you package, but there’s a better way, a way to keep your name visible every single day. Create a set of custom notepads with Spencer Minuteman Print and give one to everyone who visits your opening celebration. They’ll keep these handy items, using them repeatedly, and imprinting your business name in their minds in a very subtle way. Meet Jan, who knows how effective this can be.

Custom Notepads

Custom Notepads


New Pet Grooming Shop Opens with Big Results

Hello, I’m Jan. I opened my pet grooming shop six months ago. I’ve been very successful, and I owe a good deal of my early success to the giveaways I had during my grand opening weekend. I wanted to make a big splash during my opening days so the neighbourhood pet owners would remember me. I gave many free pet baths that weekend, but I think the most important thing I did was to hand out custom notepads made at Spencer Minuteman Press. Each sheet featured my shop logo, address, and phone number. I can’t count how many customers have called me and remarked about the notepads. They’ve found them to be a handy tool for their desks, and the contact information makes sure they call me when their pets have grooming needs.

Ordering my custom notepads couldn’t have been easier. I went to Spencer Minuteman Press’ printing office in Melbourne, and their design team couldn’t have been more helpful. I had an idea about what I wanted, but design skills aren’t my strength. The designer and I worked together and in a short time, I had exactly the design I wanted. They didn’t push me into a generic and boring template; I got individualised design service to create the notepad design I wanted.

Your Printing Needs

Whether you’re looking for express business cards, brochures, flyers, document printing or wedding invitations in Melbourne or other printing needs in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the place to go. Our in-house design team is first rate and can assist in logo creation and document layouts as well as helping you select the best quality printing materials. You’ll get a custom product in a short amount of time, for much less money than you’d pay at most other places. We offer fast, same day turnaround on selected products and free shipping in Melbourne‚Äôs CBD. Contact us today to discuss all your printing requirements.