How To Design a Great Training Manual

The cornerstone of any good employee training program is a comprehensive training manual. The quality of your training managers may vary, depending on their time and motivation, but good training manuals can give employees all the education they need. When it’s crucial for all your employees to know the rules and procedures in your workplace, a written manual they can keep can be your most important safety tool. At Minuteman Press Spencer Street, we work with business owners to create great training manuals, from the beginning design to the finished printed product. You’ll save time and money if you have the basics created before coming to us. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

How To Design a Great Training Manual

Gather Your Information

Never write a training manual from memory. Steps that seem easy and logical in your mind can seem confusing to someone who has no experience in your industry. Make lists of all topics that need to be covered, and find relevant resources to back up any details you’ll be including.


Training manuals need to have a logical flow to the writing. One topic should move naturally into the next. While some sections will be very separate, others will build on information found in earlier chapters. A detailed outline will help you discover any flaws in the flow before you write the entire first draft. Create the complete outline, from start to finish, before writing any instructions.

Table of Contents

Always include a table of contents. Training manuals are meant to be used like textbooks: read from start to finish. Your readers will appreciate a table of contents, though, for those times when they want to refer back to certain points in their training.

Chapter Writing

Begin each chapter with an informative overview. Let the trainees know what the upcoming chapter is about. After that, put all the relevant information in, and finish the chapter with a summary overview. Highlight the most important two or three details from the chapter.

Writing a training manual can be a job for a committee or one dedicated employee or manager. Consider all your options, and don’t hesitate to use someone else to write a chapter if they have more knowledge on the topic than you do.

Printing Your Training Manual

Once you have the contents edited and polished, our in-house designers will work with you to create an attractive book with your business in mind. Our team at Minuteman Press Spencer Street are business specialists, helping a wide variety of local businesses with their printing needs. Some of the products we create are:

  • Compliments cards
  • Custom notepads
  • Brochures
  • Booklets

Whether you’re looking for express business cards or training manual printing in Melbourne and the CBD, the professionals at Spencer Street Printing are the ones to see for quality work at a great price.