Which Corporate Stationary Should You Brand?

Branded stationary products from Spencer Minuteman Press can make your company look more professional, whether you’re a start-up solopreneur or an established firm that’s been around for decades. Investing in a suite of branded items can help to increase your customer base, paying for itself many times over. Experts advise that all business owners have custom express business cards created and carry them around with them at all times. But that’s just the beginning. Business cards are the bare bones when it comes to branded stationary for your business. Depending on your industry, you can find many appropriate spots to add your name and logo.


Corporate Branded Stationary
Corporate Branded Stationary


Email may have cut down on the number of business letters being sent, but that only makes the ones you do send seem even more important. Turn ordinary letters into impressive messages by having professional letterhead stationary printed. Matching envelopes with your new letterheads increases the impression that you have a serious, trustworthy business.

Order and Packing Slips

Many companies that do mail order or special orders simply print out a simple receipt or order slip to enclose in a delivered order. While this does the job of letting customers know what you’ve packed inside, it doesn’t give them a good impression of your company. Custom receipts, packing slips, and compliments slips imprinted with your company name and logo, make you look more professional, as well as a company that pays more attention to detail. And when it comes to finding people who will spend money on your unknown business, they’ll trust someone who pays attention to details much more often.

Pens and Pencils

Many businesses can benefit from giving out branded pens and pencils to their prospective customers. Among them are:

  • Real estate agents
  • Attorney’s offices
  • Accountants
  • Banks


If you give someone a branded writing implement with your name and logo on the side, they’ll think of you every time they use it. The next time they need someone in your line of work, your name should be the first one that pops into their head.

Presentation Folders

If your business includes giving estimates as contractors do, or if you need to provide packets of information to prospective clients, nothing says professional like a full-colour branded presentation folder. Produce pages on letterhead stationary and put them inside the appropriate sized folder. You’ll be miles ahead of your competition just by making a great first impression.


Businesses often give away small products as an incentive to convince potential customers to try their services. Get your printed with your logo and business name to make a great impression. For bookstores, bookmarks are a natural. All businesses could make use of small calendars for customers. Look for an item to tie in with your business, and give it the same custom care you do the rest of your imprinted items.

Whether you’re looking for business cards in Melbourne or some other type of branded printing in the Melbourne CBD, Spencer Minuteman Press is the premier place to go. They have professional designers on staff to help you to design the perfect logo and branding for your company, and their products are the best in the business.

Using branded stationary items such as express business cards, flyers, and customised envelopes can make your business pop. Contact Minuteman Press Spencer Street today to discuss your printing needs.