Your Start-Up Needs Professional Letterheads

When it comes to doing business with new clients, appearance is crucial. If your materials and image look like casual hobby work, that’s the way your potential clients will see you. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to project an image of being a serious business owner with a professional style. Here at Spencer Minuteman Press we’re prepared to create your business cards, product brochures, and even professional letterheads to help you to fashion a new look to make customers take you more seriously. Just listen to Rod, who had that same problem:

Custom Letterheads
Custom Letterheads

The New Start-up Problem

Hello, I’m Rod, and I recently opened a consulting business in Melbourne. It’s hard to get potential clients to hear you out, but if you don’t have professional-looking materials you haven’t got a prayer. I tried making my own letterheads at home on my computer, but the results were worse than using nothing at all. After that I went to using plain paper, but even though it was fine quality paper it just wasn’t making the impression I wanted it to. I finally wised up and decided to get professional printing in Melbourne CBD at Spencer Minuteman Press. It’s made all the difference in my business. In one week, I went from amateur to seasoned professional in the eyes of potential clients.

I was worried at first, since I didn’t have a finished design when I went to Spencer’s office. I just had a rough sketch and an idea in my mind of how my ideal letterhead might look. One of their designers worked with me until we created a rich, sophisticated design that speaks to my ideal client. Their paper stock included Environcare recycle paper, which is important to me and ties in with my company’s ethics. Plus, I was able to print some of the sheets on both sides, which will enable me to save paper while making client folders by using both sides of each sheet. Not only was the finished product of top quality, it was finished faster than I’d imagined it would be. And the price was something well within the budget of a new start-up owner.

I can’t recommend Spencer Minuteman Press enough. If you need express business cards, document printing, brochures or any other kind of printing services in Melbourne, the best service you can find is at Spencer St. printing, by far.