Three Perfect Occasions For Logo Notepads

Is there anything more annoying than when you need to jot down a note but don’t have a scrap of paper? Well, that frustrating feeling can mean lost business for you. Thankfully, Spencer Mintueman Press, Melbourne’s premier printers, offers custom notepads. If you work with people, chances are at some point you’ll need a notepad—whether it’s for writing down a quote, creating a loose sketch or layout, or simply jotting down a reminder. Whatever the case may be, here are three perfect occasions for a custom logo notepad. 

Custom Notepad
Custom Notepad

Conventions & Trade Shows

These types of events are all about networking and building name recognition. The more exposure your logo gets, the more memorable it will be. You truly can’t overuse your logo, so in addition to slapping it on banners and business cards, make sure you have custom notepads at your company booth. You can give them away as swag—everybody loves freebies—but they are also nice to have on hand (along with a couple of pens, of course) in case passers-by want to write something down. It doesn’t matter what the note is about, it can be the name of the bar where the after party will be. All that matters is that your company logo is getting seen.

Client Meetings

Presenting a cohesive brand to clients and potential clients is extremely important. Any time you are in a meeting with clients, make sure to set out notepads with your company logo on it for note taking. Again, even if they just use it to doodle throughout the conversation, a custom notepad is that extra special touch that shows the client your attention to detail. Just as you might set out a pitcher of water, a custom notepad helps your client feel comfortable and well cared for. They’ll see you as professional and trustworthy.

We’ve talked before about the importance of logos and how to design them. We think it’s important enough to say once again that your logo is a constant reminder of your company’s values and mission. Make sure it properly represents you, and then keep it visible during client meetings on notebooks and other documents.

Investment Meetings

There is nothing more high stakes in the business world than meetings with banks and investors. Anytime you meet with lenders, put out a custom notepad. Not only will this make you appear professional and reliable, but the logo notepad gives you an additional opportunity to remind investors of what you are trying to accomplish in a subtle but powerful way.

So often during these types of meetings, numbers are written down, exchanged and amended. Keeping track of all those digits is best done on a notepad. Technology is distracting and prone to glitches, but your custom logo notepad will never let you down.

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