How to Design Your Logo

Today, we’re sharing tips on how to choose the perfect logo to represent your business. If you have reflected on the questions we posed in our last article, then you now have a strong sense of your company’s identity. The good news is, that was the hard part—now all you have to do is translate your identity into a simple design. Read on, and then bring your logo to us at Spencer Minuteman Press. We offer a variety of printing services right here in Melbourne’s CBD, so you can start showing off that new logo right away!


Minuteman Press Spencer Street Logo
Minuteman Press Spencer Street Logo

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind the saying ‘less is more’. Your logo should be simple enough for a child to draw. This will ensure that it is recognisable and memorable, its main purposes. You want a design that’s unique, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overly complex. A logo that is sleek and effortless is much more appealing than a fussy, overdone image.

Think about how your logo will look at both small and large scales. Your logo should remain recognisable when it is reduced to fit on a pen or business card; likewise, your logo should still look fantastic when it is enlarged for a billboard. Simple images are more adaptable to a variety of uses, and having that flexibility is important.

Abstract vs. Literal

There are three main ways to approach your logo: you can either create a graphic design emblem, choose an image of an object, or—in combination with one of the previous options—embed your logo into your company name. You’ll notice that Spencer Minuteman Press has opted to create a logo that is part of our name.

There really is no best way; all three options can yield a great logo. What’s most important is that your image, whether it’s a graphic design or an object, not be too symbolic. People shouldn’t have to think about how it relates to your business. For example, if Spencer Minuteman Press had gone with the image of a bird, that would have confused people. Our current logo ensures that people will think “Minuteman Press” when they need Melbourne printers.

Other Considerations

If you decide to create a logo that is part of your company name, it is paramount to choose the right font. There are plenty of flashy typefaces out there, but again, simple is best. In most cases, a bold, professional-looking font is much more appealing than something whimsical.

Last but not least, avoid stock photos. There are sites out there where you can get a logo instantly and inexpensively, but the truth is, a logo is worth investing both time and money on. Your logo is your identify, and it’s permanent. You won’t regret commissioning an artist or graphic designer to spend a couple of months creating your logo, ten years down the road. Creating a logo that is perfectly tailored to your business will more than pay for itself in the long term; it seems like a small detail, but it has a huge impact on your success.

We hope that these tips will help you create your company logo. We look forward to seeing the design the next time you’re in Spencer Minuteman Press, the best CBD printing business for all of your business needs.