The Perfect Political or Persuasive Flyer

What we want to talk about today is creating flyers for a cause. Whether you are trying to get your neighbours to vote against the construction of a new petrol station in your community or rally your peers at uni to convince the administration that library hours need to be extended, flyers can help spread your message and move others to take action. Take a look at our tips and then come on in to Spencer Minuteman Press for the best printing services in Melbourne’s CBD.

Well Designed Recycling Flyer
Well Designed Recycling Flyer

Focus on the Main Message

When you’re talking about an issue that you feel passionately about, it can be easy to ramble on. Your political flyer is not the place for long-winded monologues. Stick to one main message and include just a couple of supporting facts and details.

You also want to avoid overly aggressive language. A measured tone is more likely to be well received, as no one likes to be yelled at—and we all know flyers can yell. Stay away from using all capital letters and too many exclamation points.

You don’t want too much text on your flyer, but of course you’ll need to state the issue, why it’s important and what your reader can do about it. Try sticking to bullet points; they are much more reader-friendly and easier to scan, ensuring the public will actually look over your whole flyer.

The Important Details

Make sure to check out our article on creating the perfect poster for ideas on formatting and layout. One major detail that requires thought is the paper size. Your flyer will be most effective if it can easily fit into someone’s hand and/or be folded and slipped into a pocket. That means you are working with a pretty limited amount of space. If you’ve kept it focused, though, that should be no problem.

You will need to include some supporting images to add visual interest and grab your reader’s attention. Depending on what your cause is, a graph or chart might be appropriate. Any data that illustrates why the issue is important is extremely powerful. If you are trying to persuade your school to install recycle bins, include a graph that shows how much rubbish in landfills could actually be recycled. Want your local government to repair roads? Include a photograph of a damaged vehicle.

Call to Action

Your political flyer is intended to persuade others to take some kind of action, and that should be made very clear on the flyer. Make sure to prominently print your imperative. The text should be bolded or offset and ideally located at the top of the flyer. The tone should be second person, using ‘you’ and ‘your’, so your appeal will be more directly felt by the reader.

Again, your call to action should be brief and clear. ‘Vote No,’ ‘Sign for Recycle Bins’, or ‘Join the Protest on March 5th are all examples of a strong call to action. Make sure to include any other details directly below: the time and date (if applicable), website or contact information, etc.
The cause we’re passionate about here at Spencer Minuteman Press is helping you with all of your projects. We’re the best printers in Melbourne, and we can’t wait to help you with your political or persuasive flyer!