Creating the Perfect Poster

Spencer Minuteman Press knows a thing or two about posters. From school projects to high-end business advertisements, we have experience designing and printing it all. If you are looking for the best place in the CBD for poster printing services, check out what we offer. Here are some of our designers’ best tips on creating the perfect poster.

Perfect Poster Sample
Perfect Poster Sample

1. Symmetry

People are naturally drawn to images that are symmetrical, so be sure to create a balanced poster by being mindful of where you place images and text. For example, if you include a large picture of your logo on the top right corner of your poster, include another image on the bottom left side to balance it out. A symmetrical poster will not only attract more eyes, it will keep people looking at it for longer.

2. Blank Space

A common mistake is overfilling your poster with images and information. It doesn’t matter if your poster is for a work presentation or to advertise a fundraiser, the bottom line is to leave white space on your poster. A cluttered poster can confuse the reader, but blank space will help to make what images and writing you do include stand out.

3. Images

We’ve hinted at it already, but let us come out and say how important it is to include graphics and visual images on your poster. Including charts or graphs instantly adds a professional and trustworthy air to your poster, which is great if it is for educational or business purposes. Photographs are very appealing, but even graphic images and logos are an attractive touch. If you need help designing a graphic image, check out our article on how to design a logo.

4. A Poster Is Not a Paper

This is especially important for uni students to remember. A poster is not a five-page essay. What text you do include should be in short, declarative sentences, and ideally organised into bullet points. Make sure you are using a standard font that is clean and easy to read. Also, keep an eye on exclamation points. If your poster is an ad for an upcoming school play, you might be tempted to convey the excitement by overusing exclamation points, but the truth is that too many exclamation points comes across as juvenile and unprofessional!!

5. Prioritise Top to Bottom

Most people will glance at the top of the poster first, and then scan to the bottom. If they are still interested, they will then look at it right to left. Use this to your advantage by putting the most important information in the centre of the poster at the very top. The details can fill up the rest of the poster. And as we mentioned in #2, a minimalist poster is OK. Don’t feel the need to pack your poster with information; a simple, bold heading with a single image can be very effective.

If you are looking to create a poster, follow these tips to get it noticed. Then, come on in to Spencer Minuteman Press for the best digital printing in Melbourne.