Make Custom Family Christmas Cards

We have a bit of a sentimental streak here at Spencer Minuteman Press, especially during the holidays. In this era of over-the-top gestures, a simple and sincere Christmas card is often overlooked. But this heart-warming tradition is a great way to spread that proverbial holiday cheer far and wide, especially to long-distance relatives and friends. Take a look at our tips for creating the perfect custom Christmas card.

Custom Melbourne Christmas Card
Custom Melbourne Christmas Card


Consider the mood you want to evoke. For something light and playful, choose a snowman. For a luxe appearance, go for a gilded angel. Of course, Christmas trees and Santas make for lovely, traditional cards. Spend some time looking for an image that speaks to you and represents your family’s approach to the holiday season.

Another option is to use a family photo for your Christmas card. We’ve written before about the creative ways you can use photos. Who doesn’t love seeing pictures of their friends and family? This custom touch is special and perfect for the season. When choosing a photo for your card, you should first decide if you want to use a single family portrait or opt for a collage instead.

A family portrait looks professional and formal. You have to shell out the big bucks for a professional photographer, though. Most digital cameras and even laptop computers are equipped with easy-to-use self-timers. Make sure to include your pets in the frame!

For a collage, consider using a mix of candid shots from throughout the past year mixed with studio portraits like school pictures. It’s always nice to show kids as they are: active and ever-changing.


You can either write your message on the front or on the inside of the card, but whatever you go with, make sure it matches the mood of your card. Popular trends right now are single words paired with an exclamation point, like Hark! or Merry!

As for your signature, you have to decide between using just your family name and listing each person’s name individually. Both options are great, but keep in mind that children change so dramatically from year to year that it’s possible friends and family you don’t see regularly might not be able to tell your sons or daughters apart in a photo if you don’t label it!

As for the font you choose, go for something that is easy to read. We love cursive and other ‘fancy’ fonts, but make sure the writing is clearly legible. Also, consider the colour of your font. It’s tempting to use red or green, but both of those colours can be rather difficult to read unless the text is really big and bold. Whatever font and colour you decide upon, know that Spencer Minuteman Press offers the best quality digital printing in town.

Finishing Touches

This is Christmas, so choose an appropriately festive and formal paper for your cards. Our cardstock is so gorgeous it’s often used for wedding invitations. We love the look of embossing, especially if you are opting for gold or silver text.

Make sure to order custom envelopes, too, so you don’t have to hand-write your return address on each one. We can print destinations on the envelopes, too, if you prefer.

If you need printing services in Melbourne’s CBD, come on in to Spencer Minuteman Press. We can take care all of your projects, from presentations to Christmas cards!