Say Cheese! Creative Photo Uses

In this digital age, we have lost the art of the printed photograph. We bet you have loads of photos sitting on your hard drive right now. What’s the point of taking pictures if they just sit on your computer? But, we also know that those photo albums on your bookshelf are collecting dust. Here are some great ways to finally put all of those pictures to use!


We’ve mentioned on here before that photographs make for an excellent background for invitations. You can also use photographs for holiday cards, birth announcements, and to mark other momentous occasions. We can help you choose the right look for whatever you’re celebrating.

Another fun way to use photographs is to create large posters for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations. You can either enlarge a single image or create a collage out of many photos from throughout the person’s life. Spencer Minuteman Press can help you choose the right size and finish for your poster project, and best of all, we can get it done fast.

Collage of Photographs
Collage of Photographs

Spencer Minuteman Press can help you create a beautiful, bound photo book. This is a great gift for grandparents and sitters! If you’re the creative type, consider creating a personalised picture book for your little one at home. Kids love seeing themselves in a story, especially when the book is even higher quality than what you can buy at the shops. This will also help your child learn the names of important loved ones in your life, especially those family members who live far away.


We’re sure you’ve read all of the articles out there about how important it is to have your photograph on professional networking sites. The fact is, companies are more likely to reach out to you for both hiring and collaborating if they know what you look like. What can we say, we live in a visual world! That’s why we think you should consider adding a photo to your business cards. We offer the most competitive options in Melbourne’s CBD, so come on in today and speak with one of our designers.

Don’t we all love seeing ourselves in photos? Here’s a clever way to impress clients and donors who attend an event with your company: send them a thank you or ‘with compliments’ card afterward and include several pictures. If you’re looking for a way to ensure follow up after a networking event or fundraiser, this small touch will be sure to impress. It is thoughtful and personal.

Whatever printing services you need in Melbourne, Spencer Minuteman Press can take care of them for you. From large corporate projects to small family photo books, we can do it all!