Let Us Print Your Banners

We recently shared tips on creating the perfect poster, and today we’re bringing another large-printing project to your attention: banners. This traditional advertising tool is highly effective. Take a look at our suggestions for how your company or organisation can use banners.


Go Wildcats! A school gymnasium just isn’t complete without a banner cheering on the team. Don’t just use banners for athletics, though—there are loads of ways schools can use banners throughout the year for effective communication with the students and the community.

Advertise major upcoming events on a banner that is displayed in front of the main entrance. School plays, dances, and art fairs are all banner-worthy events. Especially because these types of events usually come with an entrance fee, an inexpensive banner will help you bring in more cash.

If your school is hosting an open-door event, like an info-night for interested families, a banner is a must. A banner adds instant credibility. The same is true of alumni events or any time your school has visitors, such as when you host a tournament. Banners are that finishing touch that is sure to impress.

St Louis School Open Day Banner
St Louis School Open Day Banner

Churches and Charitable Organisations

We know that churches and not-for-profit organisations often have limited funds, but rest assured that we offer loads of printing options and will work to keep the cost of the banner within your budget. We offer the best digital printing in Melbourne, but that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. In fact, you will be surprised at how cheap printing a banner is, especially when you consider how long they last and the awareness they raise.

Anytime you are putting on a fundraiser, you need to get a banner up outside your organisation to advertise. Aim to have a banner up four to six weeks ahead of time, and make sure it’s a bright, bold colour to attract attention.

Banners are also great for holidays and celebrating milestones. If your charity just celebrated its tenth year of operation, put it on a banner! Sharing your success publicly and wishing others well is a feel-good advertising tactic that is highly effective.

Celebration Banner
Celebration Banner


If your company is in retail, any big sales or new inventory should be displayed on a banner to get the word out. Advertising your competitive pricing on products or services on a banner is also a good idea.

Business Banner
Business Banner

One highly effective advertising tool to help your business make more money is by giving it away. What do we mean? Donate new equipment and uniforms to a local children’s sports team. Then, you can create a banner that states, ‘A Proud Sponsor of the Tiny Tigers Football Club’. People are much more likely to engage with businesses that they see as philanthropic and supporters of the community.

Another way businesses can use banners is to show they’re trustworthy by displaying the number of years they’ve been in business or the number of clients they’ve helped, for example, ‘Melbourne’s Premier Plumbers Since 1945’ or ‘Over 1,000 Houses Sold’.

As for Spencer Minuteman Press, we might create a banner that says ‘The Best Printing Services in Melbourne’s CBD’. We are looking forward to helping you design and print your banner!