I’m a Web Designer, and This is the Business Card I Chose 

Like a good web designer, Spencer Minuteman Press is expert at working with clients to find a solution to fit every budget. We also have a talented team of graphic designers with keen eyes for the aesthetic. Simply put, we’re both creative and capital-minded, always working to make sure our clients are impressed with our work and get the most for their money. Today, we’re stepping into a role that’s a good fit for us: a web designer. Like our team, web designers have to do it all, combining artistic ideals with functionality to promote and enhance clients’ businesses. There are loads of business cards floating around in Melbourne, and it’s important to make yours stand out. Here’s an example of a premium business card that’s a good choice for web designers.


Web Designer Business Card
Web Designer Business Card

I’m a Web Designer, and This Is the Business Card I Chose

“As a web designer, I want a business card that has a little flash. This image is beautiful, surprising, and attention-grabbing. I’m confident that this card will get noticed and get me business!”

“Now, artsy people have a reputation for being a bit flighty, and web design is a creative profession. I want my web designer business card to convey that I’m a serious, reliable, hard-working professional. That’s why I opted for an image that includes a man wearing a suit. It shows that while I’m certainly a creative designer, I’m also a good investment. Hiring me to design your webpage will enhance your business. Anytime you’re dealing with money, you need to let the person who’s paying know they can trust you. I feel that this business card promotes trust.”

“As a web designer, I might accept all sorts of jobs, ranging from a kids summer camp to a church to a retail store. This business card is completely versatile. It doesn’t exclude or highlight any one industry, but instead focuses on a stunning graphic image. Anyone who looks at this card will be able to imagine how that artistic image might translate to a distinctive website for their organisation.”

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A web designer’s main job is to create a website that is user-friendly and aesthetically appealing: good for the user and therefore good for business. There are so many nuances that go into designing a website, including arrangement, links, copy, colour choices, font, layout, and interactivity. This business card is already subtly conveying that balance by showcasing an exciting image next to very easy-to-read contact information. I know that people are so busy in the CBD; if they have to spend one second looking for the right contact information, they’ll pitch the card straight into the bin. This layout maximises reader ease.

Are you ready to create your own premium business card? Explore our fun and completely free design-tool, which has thousands of templates for you to choose from. For a more personal touch, come on in and meet with our creative and technical teams!