Fundraising Ideas: Blank Photo Cards

Spencer Minuteman Press are the Melbourne printers who are not just about saving you money, but helping you make it, too! We’ve shared fundraising tips on here before, such as creating a recipe book or photo calendar and today we’ve got another great idea: photo cards for all occasions.


1. Pick a neutral theme:

Focus on versatility. These cards are blank for a reason, and that’s to make them useable for everything from thank you notes to get well cards. Avoid themes that feel restricted to one season or holiday, and instead opt for more general and neutral themes. For example, a ‘sky high’ theme with pictures of sunsets over the beach, a brilliant shot of the sky with skyscrapers in the foreground, or a single balloon floating skywards.

Melbourne University Grand Building
Melbourne University Grand Building

Another versatile theme that will appeal to a wide range of people is ‘seasons of love’. Include images of hearts found in nature or associated with the seasons, such as a heart-shaped leaf or a winter scarf lying in the shape of a heart. If you don’t want to limit yourself to one theme, at least try sticking to images in the same colour scheme. This will help your cards feel like a cohesive, professional set.

Heart-Shaped Dog Collar
Heart-Shaped Dog Collar

2. Decide on using abstract images or artistic shots:

Abstract images are interesting and feel elegant. Examples are zooming in on the grooves in an old key or catching light reflections in a puddle on the pavement. Abstract images are great for versatility, but they are also more difficult to capture, so if you are taking the photos yourself this might be on the challenging side.

Swampy but Pretty Bog in Fiordland NZ
Swampy but Pretty Bog in Fiordland NZ

For an artistic approach, use filters to evoke a certain mood. Sepia toned filters or black-and-white photography will make your photo appear romantic, while using a poster effect creates an air of joviality. See what options are available and play around; this is so much fun and can make a huge impact on the look of your photo cards.

3. Finishing touches:

In addition to printing high quality photos for your card, you’ll need to use a beautiful paper. Don’t be worried about choosing a dark colour; you can insert a light coloured paper inside the card for writing a message. Embossing or printing your organisation’s name on the back of the card is essential. Make sure you include your logo if you have one.

4. Market your cards:

To really help the orders fly in for your cards, market them as the perfect gift for teachers and mums. Offer a gift wrapping option, which can be as simple as a wide silk ribbon tied around the box.

People can’t resist the lure of a deal, so offer a price break for customers who buy multiple packs of cards. Advertise to your target audience appropriately. If it’s people within your organisation, notify them through a newsletter. Postcards and door hangers make great options for canvassing large groups in the community, and nothing beats the Internet. If your organisation is on social media, make sure to announce the sale on your Facebook page and Twitter account.

Spencer Minuteman Press offers the best printing services in Melbourne’s CBD. Come on in today so we can help you with your fundraising project or any other printing services you need!