Fundraising Ideas: a Recipe Book

Are you tired of hosting bake sales and car washes to raise money for your organisation or club? Why not create and sell a recipe book as a fundraiser? It’s a lot easier than you might think, and with Spencer Minuteman Press offering the most competitive pricing in the CBD on printing services, you can maximise your profits. Take a look at our best tips for creating a recipe book:


The first step is choosing a theme for your recipe book. The theme might reflect the group you are fundraising for, such as a collection of ‘Our Favourite Sweets’ recipes for a primary school. If your target audience is already culinary inclined, consider choosing a theme like ‘easy entertaining’ or ‘holiday feasts’.
You can take direction from the most popular recipe books sold in stores, like ‘easy weeknight meals’ and ‘healthy recipes the whole family will love’. Make sure that the theme is appropriate to your organisation as well as the people you hope will buy it. If you will be asking people within your group to contribute recipes to the collection, starting with a poll might be a good idea. Create the theme around the strengths and tastes of your recipe writers!


Including a table of contents and an index is essential to making your recipe book appear professional and ensure that it will be genuinely useful to the people who buy it. There are a couple of ways to approach organising the recipes within the book. One option is to group them by meal type: all of the breakfast recipes go together, followed by lunch and so on. Your theme might lend itself to grouping by season. Recipes always turn out best when the food used to prepare them is as fresh as possible, so organising recipes based on when the main ingredients are in season can be very helpful. Whatever format you decide to follow, just make sure you include an index to make it easy to locate recipes.


Now that you have your theme picked out and your recipes gathered and organised, all you have to do is decide how to publish them. Spencer Minuteman Press offers a variety of book binding services. We know we can find a style that works with your theme and your budget, but a traditional recipe book isn’t your only option.

Consider creating a recipe box instead. The recipes can be printed on small pieces of cardstock sized to fit a recipe box. Each card can include space at the bottom for ‘chef notes’. The recipe cards can then be sorted alphabetically. This is a great option because it allows people to follow a recipe without taking up valuable countertop space with a large book. People will also find that having the ability to keep track of the tweaks they make to recipes will ensure that they get the perfect dish every time. They can add their own recipe cards, too.

Recipe Box
Recipe Box

Finally, for a really unique option, consider creating a recipe-a-day calendar to have people cooking up delicious meals all year.
Spencer Minuteman Press not only offers the best digital printing in Melbourne, we work hard to bring you new ideas. We hope our tips on creating a recipe book have inspired you to cook up an awesome fundraiser.