Fundraising Idea: A Photo Calendar

Some fundraising strategies are more work than profit, but with Spencer Minute Man Press, that doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve got plenty of ideas that can potentially raise good money for your organisation. We recently shared a recipe book fundraising idea, and today Spencer Minuteman Press is bringing you another fresh idea that is sure to help your organisation bring in a ton of money without all the stress: a photo calendar.

Photo Calendars for Schools

A photo calendar is perfect for a school fundraiser. Parents will spend money to have a functional keepsake that showcases their little ones. How do you make sure every student is included? Take pictures of large groups of students, but think beyond the bleachers. Take aerial shots of the students standing in the formation of a letter or symbol. You can also make photo collages, which are a fun way to include a variety of pictures.

If you are using pictures of the students, you might have to deal with getting parents to sign photo release forms. If that sounds like a lot of work to you, why not have a photo contest instead? Students love the opportunity to show off their creativity. Or consider taking pictures of student artwork. Students of all ages are capable of creating amazing art, and their talent is sure to inspire parents and other community members to buy a calendar.

Themes for Church Groups, Non-Profits, and Community Organisations

A personalised calendar of your organisation’s ‘Year in Review’ is a great way to show off a little bit! Now, this might limit those who buy your calendar to people already within your organisation, but Spencer Minuteman Press offers the most competitive prices in the CBD on printing services; you’ll be amazed at how inexpensive it is to create a photo calendar.

If you’re looking for something more generic, one popular theme that appeals to a wide audience is calendars that feature furry friends. You can go with wild animals, pets, unusual animals or even scary animals. Food or drink-themed calendars can also be a big hit, especially if they feature local businesses.

An easy theme is to showcase photos of your town or city throughout the seasons. This appeals to what is likely your target audience—friends and neighbours in the local area. Or, think outside your postal code and feature photos from all across your state, Australia or the world. A little travel inspiration, especially if it’s to a realistic place, is appealing to everyone and is sure to get people to purchase a calendar. You could include useful facts along with photos.

Customise your Photo Calendar with Digital Printing
Customise your Photo Calendar with Digital Printing

Finishing Touches

Once you decide on a theme and gather your photos, you have just a couple more decisions to make. First of all, you’ll need to settle on a size for the calendar. Are you going to create a wall calendar or small desk calendar? If you go with a desk calendar, you need to choose between a monthly or weekly view. Will you include any small photos in the day boxes?

If you’re overwhelmed by these options, please know that our talented designers at Spencer Minuteman Press are ready to help you make layout decisions. No matter how packed our own schedule is, we can create your organisation’s fundraising calendar in no time. For the best and quickest digital printing services in Melbourne, check out Spencer Minuteman Press today.