Your Business Brand Should Start With The Envelope

Smart business owners take advantage of every marketing opportunity they can, just to get the word out to the most amount of people. One of the best ways to do this is to present a consistent brand over every print item your business deals with, from emails and web pages to business cards and letterheads. One addition to that list that can get surprising results is your business’ envelopes. The more familiar your brand is to the public, the more likely they are to visit your business when they need your type of service. Hair salon owner Jeffery found this out, and got some surprising results.

Custom Envelopes Printing
Custom Envelopes Printing

Organizing the Mail

I’m Jeffery, and I own a hair salon in the CBD. I know that one of the best ways to get repeat business is to gather a mailing list for direct mail campaigns. Customers who were happy with their hair before are even happier when they get a coupon in the mail for their next visit to our salon. I was mailing out coupons and those customers who did come in thought they were a very good offer. I just didn’t get very many responses, though. A conversation with one customer let me know what the problem was. I mailed out the coupons in plain white envelopes, with the return address stamped on in small letters. There was nothing special about the envelopes, and my customer said she nearly threw out the offer because she didn’t recognize the return address. My problem was that people who would have loved the offer had no way of knowing it was inside. That’s when I went to Spencer Minuteman Press for a solution.

The Perfect Envelope

The people at Spencer agreed that my envelope was likely a big part of my marketing problem, and we worked together to design a distinctive piece that represented my business the way I wanted it to. Their large variety of colour and shape options let me create exactly the piece I wanted. Once my final design was in place, they even offered to print matching pieces such as business cards and letterheads using the same branding and colours. They guaranteed that if I didn’t get the exact product I ordered they’d do the job all over again, so there was absolutely no risk of getting a poor quality product.
Spencer Minuteman Press truly cares about small business owners. Since I’m in the Melbourne CBD the delivered my order right to my shop for free. The price was well within my budget and the service was fantastic. And the best part is that my business is growing, including new customers who never even got a coupon it seems that when my envelope lands in an office or business mail, it’s interesting enough that people who see it want to check out my shop.
For custom envelopes or any other printing project, see the experts at Spencer Minuteman Press. They’re ready to design and create any of your printing needs.