Using Visual Images to Improve Your Business

We’ve talked on here before about the importance of company branding and explained how to create a logo that reflects your business identity. Today we are sharing some tips based on marketing psychology for selecting the right visual image, whether it’s for a one-time event or a longer campaign. Keep reading to learn how to hook your target demographic and increase business.


You might already know that colour has a strong impact on people’s moods and emotions. But here’s the thing: recent research on consumer behaviour has shown that the mood-altering effects of colour have little sway on customers. In fact, people are more motivated by their personal preference, i.e. their favourite colour. So your best bet for selecting a colour is to think of your target demographic and cater to their tastes. The colour with the broadest appeal—both men and women of all ages—is blue. And the least favourite colours across all demographics are orange and brown.

If you are targeting women, consider choosing purple. Trying to appeal to men? Use more black in your visual image. Lastly, green loses its appeal to people as they age, so avoid it if you are marketing to an over-40 crowd. Whichever colours you decide on, remember that Spencer Minuteman Press offers the highest quality digital printing in Melbourne! We will bring your design to life on a variety of marketing materials.



Once you have decided on the colour, you need to choose the image itself. One approach is often referred to as ‘zen marketing’, a type of marketing that involves calming images and colours and is usually nature-based. A graphic design of a leaf, especially an image that is minimalist or abstract, is an example of zen marketing. These types of images have strong appeal to mature audiences. Most people crave serenity as they age, which might be why they are drawn to images that are simple, monochromatic, and don’t contain information overload.

Zen Marketing Image
Zen Marketing Image

On the other hand, if your target audience is younger, then go with ‘excitement marketing’. These images will usually depict a person or object in action, such as a person jumping or a top spinning. Young people are drawn to images that are flashy and feel active, as they are typically future-focused and crave, as the name suggests, excitement. For more information, come on in to Spencer Minuteman Press to speak with one of our talented designers. We can take care of all of your marketing needs, from flyers to business card printing.

Excitement Marketing Image
Excitement Marketing Image

Leave it Blank

This last tip for creating powerful visual images might surprise you… Make sure you include white space. Blank space is easy on the eyes, which makes people linger longer on your image. You will most likely want to include your company name and your slogan, but follow the Twitter rule and keep it under 150 characters. Considerable blank space ensures your visual isn’t too cluttered and therefore is easy to comprehend, which is obviously key to hooking customers.

If you’re looking for Melbourne printers that go the extra mile, come on in to Spencer Minuteman Press. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide you with their expertise to help your business grow!