Using a Template For Your Newsletter

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You know that time is money, so stop wasting it! If you need a newsletter for your organisation, then start with a template rather than designing it from scratch or hiring someone to do so. The design and formatting of your newsletter will be included in the template, and using a template simplifies the layout, too. All you have to do is tweak it so that it meets your needs.

Using a template turns a task that requires a professional designer into something that can be done by anyone who knows how to use a piece of page layout software like Adobe Indesign, QuarkXPress or even Apple Pages.

Newsletter Templates
Newsletter Templates

Choosing a Template

Free and inexpensive downloadable templates are easy to find. You can run a basic internet search and get thousands of great options, or try checking out sites like Pinterest. Search for a template with a few keywords, like ‘free’, ‘classroom’, or ‘summer’, and include the name of your software in your search, too. Once you find a template you like, you can adapt it to fit your content; it’s much faster and easier than doing the design from scratch. If you’re in a hurry and you’re producing all the content, then you can even make the content fit the default layout.

Make sure your template matches your organisation; it needs to be a suitable, easy to read design. Good templates will come with a set of layout options that you can choose from and then change to match your needs. So, for each page, you’ll be able to make a few changes rather than coming up with a whole new layout.

The purpose of using a template is to save you time. Don’t choose a template that will need significant alterations to meet your needs. When in doubt, go with a basic design.

Maybe a Notification is All You Need?

If your newsletter content is very short—perhaps it’s simply notifying customers of expanded hours or product options—consider using a postcard instead. People are much more likely to read your notifications if they are short, so if you can boil down the main points of your newsletter to fit on a single card or flyer, all the better. You can find a ton of free templates using our online design tool. On the other hand, if you want your newsletter to be just a letter without any pictures or fancy borders, we also offer templates to help you create professional letterhead.

As Melbourne’s premier printers, we know that quality is key. Using a template in no way compromises the integrity or professionalism of your newsletter. In fact, in our experience, most templates are superior to anything that an amateur designer, even a talented one, can produce in a reasonable amount of time. For more newsletter tips, check out our article, Let’s Talk Newsletters.