Tradies: Why not Opt for a Promotional Flyer?

As a well established Melbourne print shop, Spencer Minuteman Press knows how important business cards are when it comes to recruiting new clients. In fact, you can check out our article on choosing an electricians’ business card for some specific tips. Today, we’re sharing another way people in every trade can increase business: a promotional flyer.

Trustworthy Tradesmen
Trustworthy Tradesmen

Flyers are Simple and Effective

Putting together an entire catalogue of the services you offer is time-consuming and overwhelming, and the truth is, you’re unlikely to get new business by mailing them out. In contrast, it takes less than an hour to create a flyer, the cost of printing and posting is minimal, and the pay-off can be major. Flyers are such a cinch to make, you can even produce them seasonally. For example, if you’re a landscaper, mail out flyers advertising the services that are essential to prep a garden for summer, and design another flyer to send out for winter, letting clients know what they should be thinking about doing at that time.

Think of your flyer not just as a way to get new clients, but as a way to get repeat customers. If you’re a plumber or electrician, hand one to each of your clients to promote some of the other services you offer. Any time you add a new product or option to the services you provide, send out a flyer. Maybe you’ve been tiling bathrooms for years, but recently started doing kitchen splashbacks and outdoor lanais. A flyer is a great way to make that announcement.

What to Include on Your Flyer

You’ll want to include some bold colours on your flyer, whether you opt to print it on bright paper or use an eye-catching colour for the font. This will make people notice the flyers, whether you decide to post them, leave them in businesses around town, or utilise community bulletin boards.

You don’t want too much text. The basics, of course, such as your name and contact information, are the most important. Make sure those are bolded and easy to see. The rest of the text should be kept very brief, about one to two sentences: ‘Now offering energy efficient lighting options!’, ‘Free on-site quote for all custom carpentry!’, and the like.

Lastly, you definitely want to include photographs of your work. Before/After shots are especially persuasive and work great on flyers, if applicable to your field. Letting your painting or roofing skills speak for themselves is a great way to recruit clients. Take the time to get good, well lit pictures of your projects; you might even ask some of your clients if they’d mind a quick visit from a photographer.

Don’t overthink your flyer. Make it brief, clear, and include some bright colours or images. When you’re ready to print, come see us in Melbourne’s CBD. We can’t wait to help you promote your business!