For Small Business Owners: When You’ll Need Letterhead

We know that email rules the communication world, but letterhead is still a must-have for almost all businesses. Letterhead is important for a variety of reasons, and with Spencer Minuteman Press offering the most competitive prices on printing in Melbourne’s CBD, there’s no reason for your small business to overlook it. Do you really need letterhead? The answer is ‘Yes, sometimes’. Here are a few situations that call for formal company letterhead.

Letterhead Designed by GraphBerry
Letterhead Designed by GraphBerry

Negotiable Instruments

The Commonwealth of Australia passed the Corporations Act in 2001, stipulating that companies must clearly publish their name on all public documents. Furthermore, any ‘negotiable instrument’ must also contain your company name. Every small businesses deal with negotiable instruments frequently; contracts and bills are two examples. If you’re looking to hire a third-party delivery company or a custodial crew, or you need to issue a bill, it legally must be printed on letterhead. Laws aside, it’s just a good idea to make it easy for people to know who to make their cheques out to!

Communications with Lenders or Stakeholders

Any time you send a letter to a bank or investor, it should be handled with the utmost formality, regardless of the message itself. Letterhead conveys professionalism and trustworthiness, two things that are essential for impressing lenders. Whenever you send stakeholders a quarterly report, a budget projection, or just even a thank-you note, make sure it’s printed on the best quality letterhead. To come across as a solid investment, make a small investment of your own—on professional-looking stationary.

Communications with Clients

If you’re bothering to mail a physical letter to clients, it really should be on letterhead. With all the rubbish filling up the post these days, letterhead conveys credibility and professionalism. It’s always a good idea to reduce the mental load on your clients, so make it obvious who sent that letter they’re holding.

(Note that this excludes newsletters and brochures, which require a whole different approach—we’ve discussed that in a previous article.)

Important Internal Notifications

Most internal memos get sent by email nowadays, and for good reason—it’s efficient. But if you need to notify staff of a policy change, put it on letterhead. We all know how easy it is to miss an email in our overflowing inboxes, but a memo about a dress code change or new vacation restrictions will definitely be noticed on letterhead. If you need to share a serious message with your small business staff, put it on letterhead so they’ll take it seriously.

Important announcements regarding staffing changes should also be printed on letterhead. Whether someone is retiring or got promoted, or a new position has been added, putting it on letterhead shows due respect and courtesy to everyone.

If you’re looking for the most professional Melbourne printers, get in touch with Spencer Minuteman Press. We’ll have your small business ready to impress with premium letterhead in no time!