Recycled Paper: Why You Should Consider Using It

Spencer Minuteman Press offers the best printing services in Melbourne’s CBD, but there is one downside to our popularity and success: we go through a lot of paper. We would never discourage you from choosing the paper type that fits the job, but you might be surprised to find out how polished recycled paper looks nowadays. It’s available in a wide range of colours and textures. Continue reading to find out more about recycled paper and why you should use it.

The Many Benefits to Recycling
The Many Benefits to Recycling

Environmental Impact

We know we’re stating the obvious here, so we’ll keep it brief. Using recycled paper is better for the environment, plain and simple. Just how much better? Check out these stats from SITA:

  • Recycled paper manufacturing uses 99% less water and 50% less energy
  • Recycling one kilogram of paper reduces greenhouse gas production by one kilogram
  • More than a quarter of our landfills are paper waste

That last one is what really gets us here at Spencer Minuteman Press. We know that recycled paper can be high quality and luxurious-looking, so we think of all that paper waste as lost opportunity. Many people have the misconception that recycled paper is thin or weak and that it always looks rough, but that’s simply not true. When recycled paper is processed, it is sorted by “grade”, which is dependent on the length of the paper fibres.

Think about it: a huge portion of paper waste is actually cardboard. That fibre is so hefty that even post-recycling, which will cause some shortening of the fibres, the paper weight maintains thickness. We would never want you to sacrifice quality, but thankfully it’s possible nowadays to do good for the environment while still achieving your printing goals.

What It Says About You

If you think that choosing recycled paper makes you or your company look cheap, you’ve got it all wrong. Opting for recycled paper communicates that you are environmentally and socially conscious and are fully committed to the health of your community. We are living in a time where the health of the planet is a main topic of conversation. Show where you stand by using recycled paper. As we mentioned above, recycled paper often looks exactly like virgin paper, so go an extra step and proudly emboss ‘Made From Recycled Materials’ for everyone to see. It might seem like a small thing, but it can have a huge impact. Doing your part to protect the earth is sure to earn you respect from customers.

Uses For Recycled Paper

‘Eco-friendly’ is a hot marketing buzzword right now. Using recycled paper for advertisement materials is a sure way to get positive reactions. Recycled paper can also be used for letterhead and general office printing. If you are printing materials for a presentation, choosing recycled paper will instantly set the tone: you are an environmentally conscious organisation. Really, the options are endless. Come on in and chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members today!

Spencer Minuteman Press offers the best CBD printing services. From our premium business cards to a wide variety of printed materials on eco-friendly 100% recycled paper, we can get your job done quickly and beautifully, all while being eco-friendly.