A Presentation Folder That Will Land the Contract

There’s nothing more stressful than giving a pitch, right? It’s an extremely delicate art. We might not know anything about your business or your presentation, but we can help you be confident about your presentation folder. It’s more than just a way to organise information, it’s how you communicate your professionalism. Keep reading to hear our tips on creating a compelling presentation folder, and then check out Spencer Minuteman Press for your CBD printing needs.

Presentation Folder
Presentation Folder

Less is More

The truth is, your fate will be decided within the first minute and thirty seconds of your pitch. You need to aim to keep your presentation brief and clear—if you go over 30 minutes, you’re probably not going to land the contract. Too much information clouds out your main point, or worse, makes your audience think you don’t have a point at all.

Your presentation folder should be equally direct. On the cover of your folder, stay away from flashy and potentially confusing images, graphics, and tag-lines. Simply print your business name and logo.

On the left flap in the interior of the folder, display a business card (read our article on why classic business cards are a great choice). You don’t want your audience to have to flip through pages or scan for your contact information. Clearly displaying your business card makes it more likely you’ll get a follow-up call.

Avoid the desire to cram your presentation folder with superfluous charts and write-ups. Include only the most relevant and pressing information. And don’t think that you have to fill up each page; the top sheet in the left pocket should simply state the problem your company is addressing and the solution you’ve come up with. If you can do that in a paragraph or less, you know your audience will read it and understand it—and that’s the goal.

Details to Include

Your business model should be made clear, as well as how it will be managed. You might not be at the point where you can fill in names on an org chart, but have the skeleton in your folder. Be sure to include information on any overhead costs involved with the service or product you are pitching, and how it will end up balancing the books in the end.

Your presentation folder should also include a brief write-up or graphic of your industry analysis. You need to show who your competitors are and address how you will outperform them, or how you will stand apart from them in what you offer. If you can prove in a concrete way that there is a gap in the industry for what you’re offering, your contract will be signed on the spot.

Finishing Touches

Your presentation folder doesn’t need to be a huge expense, but it’s also not the time to skimp. We offer the best digital printing in Melbourne. The quality of your presentation folder and the documents you include in it are paramount to your success. Make sure to come in today and have our experienced and knowledgeable team help you select the right folder, paper and ink. We take pride in our business, and you’ll be able to take pride in yours with a well thought out, professional-looking presentation folder. That little boost of confidence will help you land that contract!