Posters Fit The Bill For School Activities

Raising money for school activities is difficult at best. However, when the community at large doesn’t even know about your fundraising efforts, it’s almost impossible. That’s where Spencer Minuteman Press comes in. Minuteman Press Spencer Street can create posters to meet your exact requirements, from every size to black and white or full-colour. Putting up posters announcing your event can increase community involvement and add to your class’s bank account. Just ask Lionel, a perfect example of the kind of person who benefitted from our services.


School Activities Poster 

School Activities Poster


A Frustrating Problem

Hi, I’m Lionel. I’m the orchestra teacher for a local high school. Our usual holiday extravaganza concert was suffering from a lack of audience for the past three years. We needed the money from ticket sales to fund out trips to competitions, so we were getting desperate. The students were doing their part, but just telling their parents wasn’t enough to fill all the seats in our auditorium. That’s when I decided to go to Spencer Minuteman Press to see if they could help.

Spencer’s designers helped me to create the perfect poster to advertise our holiday concert. It was just the right size to catch people’s attention, while being small enough that local merchants felt comfortable posting it in their shops. The results were amazing! After displaying the posters all over town for a month, we held concerts for three days in a row, and we filled the auditorium every single night. Our new posters were the only additional advertising we did this year, so the increase in audience is directly due to the posters.

Spencer’s posters come in a variety of sizes, making it easy for you to choose the right one for your needs. I was happy with the great service I got from them, and thrilled that since our school was local; they did the printing in the Melbourne CBD, and delivered it right to my office. The service was quick, the posters were of excellent quality, and the price was well within our budget. I’ve since talked to members of the school board and they’ve decided to use Spencer Minuteman Press for all our advertising pieces throughout the district.

Spencer Minuteman Press is your one-stop shop for all your poster needs. We can create quality posters in sizes ranging from A2 to large A0 and banner-sized posters. Our designers and print team will stick to your budget and timeframe and offer quick turnaround on all jobs. Whether you need small promotional posters or giant outdoor posters for advertising, we have you covered. Speak to one of our friendly team today for express business cards, posters , document printing , brochures and more!