Not just posters: 5 uses for large format printing

Everyone knows that large format printers can be used for posters, but they’re good for much more than that. Here, we’ll focus on jobs that use ordinary paper (bond) and simply need more space than is available with any of the standard page sizes. Many people don’t even consider sending projects like these to the printer, but they should. We can do a great job at a very reasonable cost and on a tight schedule.

1. CAD work

CAD stands for “computer aided drafting” or “computer aided design.” Architects and engineers are the most prolific users of CAD software, and their design drawings are typically much larger than a standard page. When they print their drawings, they use plotters, which are fundamentally large, freestanding inkjet printers.

If you’re an architect or an engineer and you need to send out multiple copies of your drawings, then why not send the print work to us rather than doing it yourself? If you’re a designer or a student who’s working independently and you don’t own a plotter, we can print your drawings for you. If your plotter is out of commission, then we can do your emergency printing.

2. Business planning

Are you a business manager or business analyst? Are your org charts and process diagrams too large to fit onto ordinary paper? Would you like to display them or mark them up at a meeting? Then, have us print them onto large format paper. Just send us your charts in a format such as pdf or jpeg and we’ll be good to go.

3. Scientific presentations

Scientists often need to present posters at meetings and conferences, and those posters are often cobbled together out of individual, small printouts or structured as collages. It’s both easier and more professional-looking to arrange your data, your text and your graphics on the computer and then have it all printed out on a single sheet of paper. Best of all, if your poster is lost or damaged, it will be easy to recreate it. If there’s a mistake you want to correct or a change you have to make, then all you need to do is have it re-printed.

4. Legal graphics

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this can be especially true in court. If you’re a lawyer or an expert witness, then put your facts into a clear, easy to see format that everyone will be able to understand. Clarifications of technical issues lend themselves especially well to large format printing. You can display enlarged photos, charts and drawings to make sure that your points are clear and well supported.

Legal Graphics for Large Format Printing
Legal Graphics for Large Format Printing

5. Maps

Does your job sometimes make you wish that you had a war room, you know, with a huge map where you can mark locations of interest with push pins and post-its? Download a map and mark it with the basics: with your locations, with postal codes or with anything else that’s important to your work. Then, have us print it in a large format. You’ll love having the geographic information right in front of you, where you can see distances and visualise strategy.