Make a Lasting Impression With a Presentation Folder

Whatever digital printing services you’re looking for in Melbourne, we can help you. If you read our article on all the different mediums we work with, you know Spencer Minuteman Press believes in having comprehensive presentation materials. There are loads of scenarios that require a presentation folder, and today we’re highlighting a few situations where you would benefit. We’ll also mention the types of inserts you should include to make sure your presentation is a success.

Presentation Folder
Presentation Folder

School Project

Whether you’re a graduate student at uni or still in high school, your class presentation will definitely land top marks if you use a presentation folder. Start with your research question, your hypothesis or the topic of your presentation. This information should be brief: a paragraph overview is more than enough to help set the scene. Depending on the topic, you might want to include copies of your research notes or the actual report.

Anything with images—graphs, charts, tables—not only looks sharp in a presentation folder, but makes the information easier for your audience to comprehend. If appropriate, photographs of your process are very engaging, too. Lastly, include a list of resources you referenced throughout your report, or provide the audience with places they can find follow-up information.

Community Meeting

Sometimes, local communities are involved in consultations with businesses. If you’re a company hoping to build a new high-rise hotel or expand your restaurant, you’ll want to have community buy-in. Even if you’re not dependent on the community for a successful planning approval, you’ll still want their enthusiasm to bolster buzz and make your project a success! Hosting a community meeting and providing concerned citizens with a presentation folder will make a great impression.

Alternatively, you may find yourself presenting information at a community meeting or event. Perhaps your organisation wants to host a seminar on caring for ageing parents, or your animal shelter is offering a free obedience class for dogs and their owners. A presentation folder ensures your message will stay with the attendees.

For community meetings, presentation folders should be filled with relevant pamphlets, business cards and even brochures. The more colourful you can make it, the better. Include photographs, maps and mock-up images where appropriate. If you have sponsors helping to fund the event, make sure you include their information and a thank-you.

Client/Investor Meetings

This one should be obvious, but we want to mention it anyway. Any time your business is making a pitch—whether it’s to a client or investor—you should definitely use a presentation folder. This will allow you to call attention to important facts and figures.

Include your goal, mission and specific plan. The client or investor needs to know what they’ll get from you. Using a presentation folder will immediately communicate to them that you are professional, reliable, and thorough.

Spencer Minuteman Press is one of the most versatile printers in Melbourne, ready to help you create every insert as well as the presentation folder itself.