I’m a Family Doctor, and This is the Business Card I Chose

You already know that Spencer Minuteman Press creates the best premium business cards in Melbourne’s CBD, but did you know we can express print and even deliver your cards? We know that certain professions simply don’t have the luxury of time, and it’s important to us to be accommodating.

One of the most demanding fields is medicine, and there are no doctors busier than family practice physicians. Today, we’re bringing you the story of how one doctor chose her business card.

On Marketing

I was called to medicine from a young age, well before I finished school and went on to uni. I sailed through my courses and medical training, but I never had any instruction on marketing. The reality is, though, that physicians have a great need to network and become visible within the community to build up clientele. Word-of-mouth is a great way to connect with patients, but nothing beats a good old fashioned business card.

The Basics

As a family doctor, it is important to me to appeal to all age groups and genders. I also want to communicate my values and let potential patients know the benefits of choosing me as their doctor. What I pride most about my practice is that while I use cutting edge techniques and have received a modern, advanced medical education, I believe in classic care. To me, that means preventing illnesses instead of covering up symptoms, and treating a whole person and not just a localised issue.

It was also important to me that I choose a business card that conveys I’m an attentive, caring doctor. In today’s chaotic world, finding a physician that takes the time to listen and connect with patients is rare. That’s something that sets me apart, and I want to make sure that is clear on my business card.

Why This Design Works

This business card is simple enough to let my contact information stand out, but the bright red is eye-catching. The heart and hand signify the gentle, thorough care I give all of my patients. It looks trustworthy and comforting.

I have gone with a glossy laminate finish, which is of excellent quality and lets potential clients know they are getting the best when they choose my family medical practice.

Well, there you have it. For more tips on choosing and printing the right business cards for your medical practice, take a look at our article on the beauty of classic business cards. Check out the thousands of free templates at our website, or for a custom business card, get in touch with Spencer Minuteman Press and talk with one of our designers. A great business card is definitely a prescription for success!