I’m an Electrician, and This is the Business Card I Chose

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Now you’re going to hear from ‘Mick’, an electrician, on how he decided on his business card design.

Mick’s Business Card Story

I’ve been an electrician for three years. I started out with a company that worked mostly in commercial settings, but liked the few residential jobs I was assigned to. There’s something satisfying about connecting with your client and really helping them to improve their life, you know? I was a young, neatly dressed guy, and I had several homeowners ask me for a business card. They were always surprised when I said I didn’t have one. It happened enough that I decided to create one, and pretty soon I had enough repeat customers and references that I left my job and started to work for myself.

Designing my business card was easy, since I used Spencer Minuteman Press’s free templates. It literally took me about 30 minutes. I wanted something that would be appealing to my clients, most of whom are busy working mums. I went with the hanging lights picture for obvious reasons, but I also figured the colours and the artsy design would be well received, and I was right. I even had a lady tell me it was such a cool image, she’d like a framed version of it!

I played around with filling my business card with things like ‘free quote’ or ‘available 24/7’, but decided it made the card look too cluttered. Just sticking with the basics lets potential clients know that I’m a straight-shooting, professional electrician. I also decided to leave out my specialties, since honestly, most homeowners don’t know the first thing about electrical wiring and the terms were lost on them anyhow.

I’ve found that my business card design is appealing to clients and easy to read, leading to loads of calls and emails. I always respond immediately, even if just to say ‘hey, I’m in the middle of a job right now but would like to discuss your issue and how I can help at X o’clock.’ I’m consistently getting positive feedback on my professionalism, and know that my business card is a part of that.

Business Card Designed by Mick
Business Card Designed by Mick

Business Card Printing in Melbourne

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