Chic Interior Designer Business Cards

Spencer Minuteman Press has been in the business of helping businesses for many years. When it comes to growing your client list, business cards are crucial. Your card is the first impression many people see, and is the one thing that sets a memory in their minds about you and your company. If you’re looking for a premium business card that clients won’t toss out or tuck away in a drawer, get in touch with our designers to create an unforgettable card of your own. Local interior designer Belinda came to us, and she’s glad she did. Here’s why:

Building a Business

I’m Belinda, and I own and operate an interior design firm. I’m proud of what I’ve done and the job I can do for my clients, but the business was stagnant after two years. I needed to set myself apart from the usual group of interior designers and let potential clients know about my unique and modern style. Part of my business plan was rebranding, and that’s why I went to Spencer Minuteman Press. I worked with their designers and we came up with a cutting-edge modern look that no one else even comes close to. Different from any other card I’ve seen, its rounded edges and edgy dark matte finish shout modern design at first glance. I couldn’t be happier with the design we created.

Chic Business Cards For Interior Design Professionals
Chic Business Cards For Interior Design Professionals

They Worked for Me

As anyone who owns their own business knows, time is at a premium. I didn’t have hours and hours to devote to this process, no matter how important it was to my business. The designers worked on my schedule, and we worked out a design in very little time. Their knowledge and experience helped the process, because there was very little trial-and-error needed. I needed cards very soon for a seminar I was attending, so Spencer rushed the order and started printing the cards that very same day. Even though the cards were printed in record time, I was impressed with the ultra-high quality of the cards. They were perfectly printed in the exact colour I chose, and the card stock felt heavy and rich, just like more expensive examples I’d seen elsewhere.

The final surprise I got was the price. Spencer offered me a price match guarantee. Not only did they do a fantastic job of creating my business cards, they guaranteed to charge the lowest price in town. If I got a lower quote for similar cards of the same quality, Spencer Minuteman Press vowed that they’d print my cards for the quoted price, plus give me an extra $100 printing as a gift! Their confidence was well founded. No one else could come near their prices.

If you have a need for quality, premium business cards to kick your business up to the next level, Spencer Minuteman Press is there to lend a hand.