Can You Laminate My Business Cards?

The secret to getting value out of your business cards is to be sure of what people will do with them once they leave your hands. If your card suffers the fate that most do, it will end up thrown away by the end of the day. The key to avoiding that is to make sure your card is unusual or unique, something that catches the eye and makes someone want to put it in their pocket or wallet. Your card can’t look like everyone else’s and still do the job. Ordering laminated business cards can do this, and Spencer Minuteman Press can handle this job easily. As the premier printer in the CBD, Spencer has the experience to give you a quality product you’ll be proud to share with potential customers.

My Carpentry Business

I’ve been a finish carpenter for 20 years, and I’ve honed my craft until I can make your room mouldings look like exquisite furniture. My business is in high-end renovations, and my clients know I give them the highest quality work. I need a card that tells people what I do, but also conveys the idea that I do only the finest work. I found that with my cards from Spencer Minuteman Press. The thick stock gives a hefty feel to the card, and the laminated coating makes the colours pop and the design stand out sharply. Instead of a simple card with a logo and address, mine looks like a substantial piece that people immediately put into their wallets and purses.

Creating my card was easy with Spencer’s free design tool. There are over a thousand different designs to choose from, and the process takes very little time from start to finish. Their graphics design experts were ready to answer any of my questions, and they helped me through some tricky design questions by giving helpful advice. My business cards are an important advertising tool, and Spencer Minuteman Press made sure I had a quality product.

Laminated Business Cards

Why hand out laminated business cards? Don’t they just cost extra? While quality laminated business cards may cost more than plain thin stock cards, they convey a sense of quality and stability to your business that cheaper cards won’t. Their thicker card stock means the cards are more substantial and longer lasting. They won’t bend as easily, and they’ll last longer. The laminating process gives a special brightness to the graphics on the card. Logos are sharper, colours pop, and printing is easier to read.

Any business that does quality or high-end work would do well to order laminated business cards. If your company breeds exclusive pets, makes divine wedding cakes, creates the best websites around, or does the absolute best advertising campaigns, you owe it to yourself to get business cards that make a statement whenever you hand them out.